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oneConcept Stachelburg Hedgehog House Maze Entrance Feeding House Hardwood

Spacious hedgehog house as a shelter for hedgehogs to hibernate or as feeder in the garden.

Sturdy construction of genuine wood with hinged bitumen-covered roof for easy cleaning.

Large entrance with labyrinth function as double protection against cats and drafts.

Provide hedgehogs with a cozy shelter in your garden with the Stachelburg hedgehog house from oneConcept. Especially during late autumn or early spring when the food supply is low, your spiky friends will appreciate an additional food supply and can be lured as permanent guests in your garden. More importantly, the house offers a safe refuge for hibernation in late autumn: starting at the end of October, hedgehogs begin building a warm winter nest. The Stachelburg is just right.

The spacious cabin of the oneConcept hedgehog house is completely made of solid wood parts, providing not only plenty of room but a safe haven for the hedgehogs. The entrance area is separated by a partition from the main room. The labyrinthine design keeps curious cats away from the hedgehog house, and also protects against drafts. For easy entry, the entrance is rather large at 13x11cm, and well designed with a bevel for short hedgehog legs.

To protect against wet weather, the roof is covered with bitumen felt: rain and snow run easily off the roof and do not rest directly on the wood of the hedgehog house. The Stachelburg features additional bars that provide 1.5cm of extra distance between the ground and bottom of the house, protecting it from wet soil. For easy cleaning before and after the hibernation period, the roof can be folded upwards on hinges. A clamping closure keeps it securely closed otherwise.

For easy adoption, it is best to put the oneConcept Stachelburg hedgehog house in a sheltered place, such as under a bush in your garden. As a surface, a smooth bottom plate of stone or concrete is recommended. Fill the interior with loose leaves and straw.

Please note that the hedgehog house is a natural product made of wood, and should be finished at regular intervals with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic varnish such as linseed oil.

Product details


  • Spacious hedgehog house for use as a shelter during hibernation and as feeding house
  • Delivered fully assembled, no assembly required
  • Pop-up roof for easy cleaning
  • Large maze entrance to keep cats out and to provide a draft shield with bevel for easy entry
  • Solidly made of wood, sanded clean and screwed


  • 1 x hedgehog house
  • Please note that this item is not delivered with a user manual


  • Overall dimensions: about 42 x 24 x 50 cm (WxHxD)
  • Interior: 37 x 14 x 25 cm (WxHxD)
  • Entrance range: 37 x 14 x 25 cm
  • Weight: about 5.7 kg


  • Roof with bitumen felt covered as protection against rain and snow
  • Roof mounted with snap lock and hinges
  • Wall thickness: 1.5 cm
  • Inner dimensions: 37 x 14 x 25 cm (WxHxD) corresponds to 925 cm2 floor area / 12950 cm3  interior
  • Baseboards to protect against waterlogging
  • Also suitable as a summer hideaway: provides nesting space for hedgehogs to rear their young  and protects against predators

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oneConcept Stachelburg Hedgehog House Maze Entrance Feeding House Hardwood

  • Hedgehog house as shelter for hibernation
  • Pre-assembled, no assembly required
  • Pop-up roof
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