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oneConcept Satansbraten XXL Electric Grill Stand Grill Table Grill 2200 W

Smokeless electric grill for the perfect barbecue experience in any environment.

Fish, meat, vegetables - thanks to 2200 W with individual heat regulation, everything is grilled to perfection.

Large working space with pedestal, grease tray, windscreen and grill accessory shelf.

More grill doesn’t exist! The oneConcept Satansbraten XXL electric grill is the ideal solution for those who live in an apartment and still do not want to give up their kebab or salmon fillet. With a smokeless electric grill, barbecuing on the balcony is no problem. No annoying smoke will arise from the sizzle! And even in rainy weather, the Satansbraten XXL electric grill from oneConcept doesn’t fail: simply transfer it to a dry place.

With up to 2200W freely adjustable heating, the electric grill features a detachable base that stands on four sturdy legs. The base is well suited for outdoor barbecues. Whoever prefers to sizzle in the kitchen can simply remove the base at lightning speed to leave a griddle. To ensure that nothing burns and the Satansbraten XXL is easy to clean, the high-quality griddle is non-stick coated. Mounted on the base is a practical shelf for grilling ingredients, tongs or other useful accessories. The fat that comes out of meat and fish while grilling is collected in a plastic fat-collecting cup. This is easy to clean and may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Quick, healthy and delicious: grilling has never been so easy as with the oneConcept Satansbraten XXL electric grill.

Product details


  • Smoke-free grilling on the balcony or inside the house possible
  • Excess fat collected in a grease tray
  • Robust pedestal can be easily mounted and dismounted
  • Intuitive operation with heat regulator
  • Practical shelf below the grill surface


  • 1 x grill
  • 1 x stand
  • English user manual (other languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian)


  • Dimensions: about 50 x 80 x 40 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 5 kg
  • Grill size: about 40 x 20 cm (WxD)


  • Power: max. 2200 W
  • High-quality crafted electric grill with plug
  • Smokeless grilling: no purchase of gas or charcoal needed
  • Grilling on the balcony or inside the house possible
  • Robust base with four legs, quick installation
  • Grease tray catches frying fat, does not burn into the metal housing of the grill
  • Easy to clean
  • Food storage tray / shelf below the grill
  • Heat can be individually controlled by a controller
  • Intuitive operation
  • Splash guard / windshield on the back
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz

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oneConcept Satansbraten XXL Electric Grill Stand Grill Table Grill 2200 W

  • Smoke-free grilling indoors and outdoors
  • Free-standing or tabletop grill with removable base
  • Freely adjustable 2200 W
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