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oneConcept Leeds Billiard Table 8' (122 x 79 x 244 cm) Queues Ball Set Green

Elegant 8' (122 x 79 x 244 cm) billiard table (tournament size) in a walnut finish with a green cover for billiard or pool parties at home.

A high sense of comfort thanks to the internal ball return system and an easy balancing system of the playing surface due to its individually adjustable feet.

Includes a full set of accessories consisting of 2 cues, a 16-piece resin ball set, a ball rack, a brush, and two chalk blocks.

With the Leeds billiard table from oneConcept, billiard enthusiasts find the perfect and elegant addition to their house's part room or hobby room. With its tournament size of 8' in length, the Leeds provides plenty of space for scoring and off-the-wall shots and ensure many hours of fun with family and friends.

The oneConcept Leeds billiard table is made of robust MDF wood and has an elegant veneer in walnut wood finish, which blends beautifully with its green billiard cloth. Underlining its luxurious exterior are stainless steel plates in a chrome look which protects the corners against damage. Plastic backstops are connected with the internal ball return system, passing the pocketed balls to an extraction pocket on the front side. For the perfect playing conditions there are individually adjustable feet which can be used to easily balance the table and leave it perfectly level.

So you can immediately start playing, the oneConcept Leeds billiard table comes with a comprehensive set of accessories: two 145 cm long queues, a set of 16 resin balls (7 full, 7 half, one white and one black), two chalk blocks, a ball rack, and a brush for cleaning the fabric. Also the assembly is simple, only the feet of the table have to be mounted.

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  • Elegant billiard table for party rooms and playrooms at home
  • Sturdy body made of MDF wood with walnut veneer and green billiard cloth
  • Protection of the corners via stainless steel plates in a chrome look
  • Internal ball return system for easy ball retrieval at the front
  • Includes extensive accessories for the possibility of immediately playing


  • 1 x billiard table
  • 2 x queues (each has two parts)
  • 1 x ball set (16 pieces)
  • 1 x ball rack
  • 1 x brush
  • 2 x chalk block
  • User manual in German (other languages: English)


  • Billiard table dimensions: approx. 122 x 79 x 244 (WxHxD) cm
  • Weight: approx. 145 kg


  • Backstops made out of plastic
  • Easy aligning and balancing with its individually adjustable feet
  • Uncomplicated assembly: only mounting of the feet
  • Two cues with 145 length and two parts to be screwed together
  • Ball set made out of resin and a storage box: 7 full, 7 half, one white and one black ball
  • Brush for cleaning gently the cloth

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oneConcept Leeds Billiard Table 8' (122 x 79 x 244 cm) Queues Ball Set Green

  • Walnut veneer and green billiard cloth
  • Internal ball return system
  • Extensive accessories
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