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oneConcept Bird-Free Animal Repeller Sprinkler Motion Activated

Effective, gentle animal repeller and scarecrow - chase herons, cats and other unwelcome visitors away with a water jet.

Activation by built-in motion sensor. Reach of the water jet and sensitivity of the motion detector may be adjusted.

Easy connection to garden irrigation system with possibility of cascade installation, includes a coupling for quick connection.

Whether herons are plundering your fish pond or cats are using your flower beds and lawn as a toilet, the bird-free animal repeller from oneConcept guarantees to get rid of unwanted visitors - all without hurting the animals. Once an animal approaches, the sensor of the animal repeller will detect it and then the device will surprise the animal with a concentrated stream of water. Once startled, the animal will quickly run away and not come back soon. In addition, the sprinkler produces rattling sounds that increase the deterrent factor.

The system is easy to install: the sensor and sprinkler are connected to a house water source, such as a garden hose, and then anchored with a 15cm-long peg into the ground. Via an adjustable knob, the sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted. This makes it possible to allow songbirds and other small animals to remain undisturbed, while the animal repeller will react only to larger animals, such as cats or dogs. If there is an insufficient shock of the sudden water jet, the intensity can be adjusted to get rid of even the most persistent troublemakers or to monitor an even larger area.

The oneConcept bird-free animal repeller is also ideal for a cascade installation, in case larger areas or ponds need to be protected against intruders. Simply remove the closure cap from the water flow and connect an additional scarecrow sprinkler hose. For easy connection of hose and sprinkler, an insertable quick connector is included in delivery.

Available versions: battery operated, solar powered (item 10028970).

Product details


  • Nonviolent animal repeller to deter uninvited animal visitors
  • Waterjet sprinkler scares cats, herons and other animals
  • Activation by motion sensor: reacts only when there is an actual intruder
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the motion detector: allows songbirds and squirrels to pass through undisturbed


  • 1 x sprinkler
  • 1 x sensor housing
  • 1 x riser
  • 1 x peg
  • 1 x flow cap
  • 1 x quick coupling
  • 1 x English operating instructions (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions (total): about 7 x 64 x 23 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (sensor): 7 x 11 x 18 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (sprinkler): 5 x 12.5 x 12 cm (WxHxD)
  • Length riser: about 24 cm
  • Hose connection: 1" (about 2.47 cm)
  • Weight (total without battery): about 0.5 kg


  • Adjustable strength of the water jet: weak jet for low consumption and small surveillance area, powerful jetsfor persistent visitors and large surveillance area
  • Built-in rattle for noise deterrence
  • Cascadable: flow system allows connection of multiple devices for straightforward surveillance of large areas
  • Mounting via 15cm ground spike
  • Range: depending on the set sensitivity and thickness of the water jet, up to 10m
  • Suitable mains water pressure: 30 - 80 psi (2 to 5.5 bar)
  • Power supply: 9V battery (not included)

Operating instructions

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oneConcept Bird-Free Animal Repeller Sprinkler Motion Activated

  • Nonviolent animal repeller with water jet sprinkler
  • Activation by motion sensor
  • Adjustable sensitivity
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