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oneConcept Big Blizzard Pedestal Fan 41 cm (16") 100 W Remote Control black

Multifunctional 41 cm pedestal fan with 100 watts of power, variable fan speed, various operating modes and a switchable swivel function as well as a built-in humidifier and timer function.

Large base with smoot roller and clearly arranged LED display.

Includes a remote control.

The adjustable fan speed and a switchable swivel function allow for a precise adaption to any room based on the room's size and temperature as well as the fan's place of installation. With the different programs of the Big Blizzard oneConcept pedestal fan, it simulates the natural waxing and waning of wind. In the night mode, the wind speed is lowered for relaxed dreams and sleep environment. The normal mode provides constant air circulation. 

Also during cold seasons when heaters and in use, the fan serves as a diligent helper. The switchable humidifier works against dry mucous membranes, irritated eyes, and sensitive skin and furthermore against pollen, dust, and pollutants by removed them from the air into the water - perfect for those with allergies.

With the built-in timer function of the oneConcept fan, operation time can be limited via automatic shutdown. All functions can either be controlled via the front panel on the fan or via the remote control. Thanks to the wheels on the base of the device, it can easily be repositioned.

Product details


  • Black pedestal fan with a 41 cm diameter and 100 Watts of power
  • Switchable humidifier against dry heat
  • Adjustable speed and swivel function
  • Various operating modes with nature simulation and sleep mode
  • Includes a remote control


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x remote control
  • User manual in German (other languages: English)


  • 45 x 115 cm (ØxH)
  • Weight: approx. 8 kg


  • 4 programmable timers
  • Clearly arranged LED display with symbol display
  • Spray output: max. 380 ml/h
  • Water tank capacity: max 2.8 liters
  • Material: plastic
  • Standby function
  • Power LED
  • Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

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oneConcept Big Blizzard Pedestal Fan 41 cm (16") 100 W Remote Control black

  • 41 cm diameter and 100 Watts of power
  • Includes a switchable humidifier and remote control
  • Adjustable speed and swivel function
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