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auna Peggy Sue Retro Record Player Vinyl LP USB Line Out RED

Nostalgic record play with a belt drive and a USB port for playing and digitizing vinyl records.

Two built-in speakers, a headphone jack and a stereo RCA output for connecting external speakers.

Ultraportable suitcase design with a carrying strap and handle.

The time has come to get out your old record collection one again and revel in the nostalgia of times gone by.

Through it may seem at first glance like a beautiful retro suitcase from the 50's, the auna Peggy Sue is a new portable turntable. Not only does it play up to 3 different record speeds, it also gives you the opportunity to convert your favorite vinyl music to a compact digital format.

The device features a rear USB port, with which the LP signal can be easily sent to the computer while also supplying the Peggy Sue with power. A suitable USB cable and adapter for connection to main power is also supplied. Based on the sophisticated Plug & Play capabilities, you can get started immediately after plugging in the power supply.

The Peggy Sue turntable from auna requires no additional speakers because in its compact case the suitcase features two stereo speakers that are already installed. Nevertheless, the rear RCA output proves the opportunity to connect external speakers or stereo systems if so desired. The headphone jack allows for discrete music enjoyment any time. The volume may be adjusted continuously via a rotary knob directly on the device.

In addition to the technical details, the device remains impressive with its charming retro design and it portable velvety carrying handle. The compact chassis has been fitted with a red finish, strong metal hinges, and a clip closure on the front side which holds the casing construction together.

Product details


  • Nostalgic record play for playing and digitizing of vinyl records
  • Two built-in speakers for direct playback
  • Digitization of vinyl records via USB on the computer - Plug & Play support (Windows PC)
  • Ultraportable design with foldable carrying handle
  • Incl. preassembled pickup system


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x mini-LP attachment
  • 1 x USB power adapter
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x recording software (Audacity)
  • User manual in German (other languages: English)


  • Approx. 36 x 13.4 x 27.5cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 2.5kg


  • Connections: 1 x USB input, 1 x 3.5 mm headphone jack output, 1 x cinch line output
  • Playable Speeds: 33,45,78
  • Drive type: belt drive
  • Automatic start function (can be deactivated)
  • Lift lever
  • Straight tone arm
  • Front-side clip closure
  • Sturdy metal hinges
  • Feet
  • Power LED
  • Power Supply:DC 5V (power adapter included)

Operating instructions

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auna Peggy Sue Retro Record Player Vinyl LP USB Line Out RED

  • For playing and digitizing of vinyl records
  • Two built-in speakers
  • Digitization via USB on the computer
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