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auna M-Riser TV Board TV Rack Monitor Stand 56x 8 x21 cm 20 kg Glass

Stylish monitor stand to raise your television or monitor for working comfortably or relaxing while watching the television.

Timeless, modern design in Bauhaus style: Combination made of polished glass, metal and plastic with a max. capacity of 20 kg.

Simple elevation of screens by 8.5 cm with large storage space under the rack and secure stand thanks to anti-slip silicone feet.

Rise and shine! The auna M-Riser monitor stand refines desks and sideboards with a glossy look and provides relaxation when working or watching your favourite series.

The auna M-Riser TV rack ensures a comfortable sitting posture at the desk or in front of the television. It simply raises monitors or flatscreens by 8.5 cm, creating a much more comfortable line of sight. The improved sitting posture helps relieve the neck and back muscles, noticeably reducing tense muscles. The screen stand doesn't just impress with its simple assembly but also with its understated design in a modern, timeless Bauhaus design. Glass, metal and plastic combine to produce a unobtrusive viewpoint that fits into any desk or sideboard. Additionally, the stand creates more space on your desk, since you can now store documents, pens, hole punchers or staplers. The 5 mm glass top can hold up to 20 kg. Silicone feet ensure the TV stand has a secure, anti-slip stand.

Simple installation, relaxed necks, comfortable work, more space on your desk and an elegant design: the auna M-Riser monitor stand revolutionises your working space.

Other versions: monitor stand with arched feet, monitor stand with rounded feet (product 10031412)

Product details


  • Universal monitor stand: creates a higher position for monitors or TV for a comfortable line of sight
  • Timeless, modern design in a Bauhaus style: Connection of glass, metal and plastic in an elegant, understated lines
  • polished 5 mm glass surface
  • Stable, arched, screw-on feet 
  • Raised screen by 8.5 cm


  • 1 x monitor stand
  • Supplied without instruction manual


  • Measurements: approx. 56 x 8 x 21 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 1.8 kg


  • Uncomplicated and simple installation
  • Max. capacity 20 kg
  • Creates more storage space on your desk
  • Clearance height under the stand: 8 cm
  • Anti-slip, silicone stand
  • Simple assembly in less than 5 minutes

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auna M-Riser TV Board TV Rack Monitor Stand 56x 8 x21 cm 20 kg Glass

  • Timeless, modern design in a Bauhaus style
  • polished 5 mm glass surface
  • Raised screen by 8 cm
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