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auna 60W Megaphone MEGA060 600m Black

Professional, battery operated megaphone with a range of up to 600 m.

Swift switching between speech-, siren-, or whistle mode for any circumstance.

Weather-proof design with sturdy plastic casing and shoulder strap for easy transportation.

The auna 60W megaphone MEGA060 aids in the effective coordination of larger crowds- such as during a protest or sports event. The 60W megaphone has a range of up to 600 m. Thanks to its low weight,  ergonomic design and shoulder strap it can be used even during longer events  without  becoming tiresome.

Operation is very simple. A switch installed on the device allows the setting of different modi : siren, speech or whistle. The volume is  continously adjustable through a wheel located directly above the handle, which  renders the operation of the auna MEGA060 megaphone intuitive.  Six 1,5V batteries are required for operation.

The megaphone is extremely stain repellent and robust thanks to its plastic case;  additionally  its horn is equipped with a rubber buffer edge. The battery compartment of the megaphone MEGA060 is  sealed and ,thus, weatherproof.

Available colours: black


Product details


  • simple operation: intuitive operation
  • rugged: sturdy, weather-proof design
  • swiftly switchable: Speech-, siren -, or whistle mode
  • Range: 600m at 60W
  • robust: plastic housing and rubber buffer edge


  • 1 x megaphone
  • 1x  shoulder strap
  • English instruction manual (additional languages: German)


  • 23 x 37 x 23 cm (WxHxD)
  • weight: approx. 1.45 kg


  • simple operation
  • siren- and whistle function
  • battery operation: 6x C 1.5V
  • battery life: approx. 6 hours
  • rubber buffer edge
  • with shoulder strap

Operating instructions

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auna 60W Megaphone MEGA060 600m Black

  • simple operation
  • sturdy, weather-proof design
  • speech-, siren- or whistle mode
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