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Yukatana Goodbreak 10 Sleeping Mattress Double Airbed 10cm Thick Pillow Red

Extra-long and wide sleeping pad with low weight and packing size perfect for getting a good night's sleep on camping and trekking trips.

Self-inflating foam pad: simply open the air valve and the pad inflates on its own.

Foldable double sleeping pad with inflatable headrest; inflation provides extra cushioning, improving heat insulation and comfort. 

As the saying goes: you make your bed, you lie in it - and when camping or trekking outdoors you want to enjoy maximum comfort despite sleeping overnight in tents or outdoors. The Goodbreak 10 double sleeping mat from Yukatana offers that in particular. Unlike well-known foam mats with their small thicknesses, the Goodbreak achieves a very comfortable thickness of 10cm - a difference you can clearly feel on hard surfaces after you first test it. The secret lies in its polyester taffeta foam filling, whose chambers automatically fill with air when the Goodbreak is unrolled and the valve is opened. The taffeta structure provides additional thermal insulation.

For even more sleeping comfort, the Goodbreak air mattress is extra long and wide, so even larger sleepers and those who like having more sleeping room will find a good night’s rest. The separately inflatable head section provides additional comfort for tired heads seeking a good night’s rest. So that the size of the mat does not make for too large of a pack size, it may be folded lengthwise once in the middle. The double sleeping mat is also very good for couples who are traveling together but only want to carry one mattress with them.

Even packing up the air mat requires very little effort: just roll it up to the open valve and the foam is compressed to its packed size. Two rubber bands hold the roll in place, a bag protects the mat from dirt or damage. With the small pack size of just 51x24cm and 3.6g, the rolled double sleeping pad from Yukatana isn’t too heavy to carry on even longer trekking or biking tours, and once you are home again can be easily stowed away.

Product details


  • 10 cm thick sleeping pad for maximum comfort
  • Roll-out and self-inflating
  • Small packed size of 51 x 24 cm
  • Separately inflatable headrest


  • 1 x sleeping pad
  • Please note that the sleeping pad does not come with an instruction manual.


  • Dimensions rolled out: 102/2 x 10 x 193 cm (WxHxD)
  • Packed size: 51 x 24 cm (WxØ)
  • Weight: about 3.6 g


  • Extra long and wide, comfortable for one or two people
  • Compact storage
  • Includes a stuff sack
  • Polyester taffeta foam filling
  • Colour: red

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Yukatana Goodbreak 10 Sleeping Mattress Double Airbed 10cm Thick Pillow Red

  • 10 cm thick double sleeping pad 
  • Roll-out and self-inflating
  • Small packed size of 51 x 24 cm
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