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Waldbeck Lakeside PowerPlus Pond Vacuum Silt Remover 1200 W Drain Green

Robust pond vacuum for cleaning ornamental, garden and fish ponds; easy removal of old foliage, sludge and mud without destroying the pond ecosystem.

Powerful 1200W vacuum cleaner with two working stages and three working attachments for cleaning surfaces, corners and hard to reach angles.

30 liter holding tank with  drain hose for switchable automatic emptying and continuous operation; 3 m suction hose and 1 m suction tube for small and large pond depths.

Anyone who owns a garden pond knows that a thorough clean of the water is essential, especially in spring, in order to prevent a summer algae bloom. Many make drastic - and fatal - attempts to move plants and animals, and let the water run out so that a perfect basic cleaning through can be done and the pond can be like new again. This is extremely damaging to the pond's ecosystem, because it not only removes the unwanted sludge and organic waste, but also all the necessary microorganisms and nutrients. The pond must then begin its life cycle from the beginning and benefit only from the unwanted algae that transforms the clean ornamental waters into a green liquid. The correct procedure is to gently clean the pond bottom with a sludge vacuum.

The right tool for this job is the Lakeside PowerPlus pond vacuum  from Waldbeck. With up to 1200W suction power and two suction levels, it swallows mud, old leaves and sludge from the pond floor. A 3-meter hose and a 1 meter long suction tube allow for a variety of working depths, sufficient for most small and large ponds. The sucked material can be either collected in the 30-liter tank, or transfered to the drain hose, which can be connected directly to flower beds or compost, where the extremely fertile mud will enrich the soil. For optimal cleaning results, the Lakeside PowerPlus pond vacuum has three working attachments: a broad bristle element for large-scale basic cleaning and a broad and a narrow attachment to clean corners, crevices or fish hideouts from the mud.

In order to expand the optimal uses of the device, the Waldbeck vacuum cleaner is also suitable as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner for areas outside of ponds. For this it has its own dust filter bags, which can be used to replace the mud filter quickly and easily. For simple and easy movement the tank comes with four bottom rollers and a handle. The 3 meter long power cable means that a large work area can be covered by the pond vacuum cleaner.

As a device for outdoor use, the Lakeside PowerPlus is designed to be robust. Its tank is made of green lacquered stainless steel, which is not bothered by the arrival of hard objects. Other body parts are made of durable polypropylene.

Available colors: green, black (item 10027125)

Product details


  • Sludge extractor for removing leaves, mud and sludge from the pond floor
  • Up to 1200W power in two stages of operation
  • 30 liter holding tank with switchable automatic discharge
  • Suction hose: 3 m
  • 6 piece accessory kit
  • Also suitable as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner


  • 1 x Device
  • 1 x Suction hose
  • 2 x Suction tube
  • 1 x Drain hose
  • 1 x Textile filter
  • 1 x Mud filter
  • 1 x Wide bristle attachment
  • 1 x Broad attachment
  • 1 x Slim front attachment
  • 4 x Bottom roller
  • 1 x Handle
  • English manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: 45 x 75 x 45 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 8.5 kg


  • Comes with a drain hose for continuous operation
  • Suction pressure: 16/18 kPa
  • Maximum working depth: 4m
  • Wider bristle attachment for large-scale cleaning
  • Wide and narrow attachments for corners, crevices and fish hiding places
  • Two-part, 1m long suction tube
  • Drain hose length: 1.10 m
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Material: Stainless steel/PP plastic
  • Four bottom rollers and handle for easy mobility
  • On/off switch on the top front of the device
  • Power supply: 220-240 VAC/50Hz

Operating instructions

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Waldbeck Lakeside PowerPlus Pond Vacuum Silt Remover 1200 W Drain Green

  • Up to 1200W in two stages of operation
  • 30 liter holding tank with automatic discharge
  • Suction hose: 3 m
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