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VIBE 4DX Vibration Plate

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Top features
  • Pure fitness: reduces cellulite and body fat, tightens the tissue, improves posture and strengthens different muscle groups
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VIBE 4DX Vibration Plate, 440 W, 10 Modes, 4DX TripleMotor, Grey

Good Vibrations! The Klarfit VIBE 4DX vibration plate is the absolute novelty in the market of vibration trainers. Discover the full-body professional trainer, which stimulates the body with movements in all directions in a revolutionary way. Train different muscle groups in a completely new way to increase your general fitness and to improve balance.

The motor revolution: with the 4DX TripleMotor Technology, the new Klarfit VIBE 4DX vibration trainer moves up and down not only linearly and vertically but also in an oscillating way, i.e. in all three directions. Thanks to its three motors, it is also able to combine all directions of movement in a comprehensive training mode and to create a total of 7 types of movement! It activates a particularly deeply effective rotational movement - a difference that you will feel with every fibre! In the interplay of its three motors, the sports equipment achieves oscillation amplitudes of 0-12 mm, vertical amplitudes of 1-2 mm and linear amplitude of 0-8 mm, with oscillation frequencies of 7.2-12.3 Hz, vertical frequencies of 25.2-39.4 Hz and linear frequencies of 6.3-8.8 Hz to stimulate, challenge and train new muscle groups to new levels of fitness.

With 7 movement modes, 30 speeds and 10 programmes, the vibration workout activates different body zones without straining ligaments or joints. Strengthening of the back and pelvic muscles especially promotes an upright posture and additionally supports proper running. Unused muscle groups deep in the body are also effectively addressed by these exercises. However, the vibrating plate not only builds muscle, but is also ideal for tightening skin and connective tissue, helping to reduce cellulite and body fat. In addition, circulation is trained and general agility is increased.

To challenge and target different muscle groups, you only need to change your own stance. For this purpose, there are marked zones on the non-slip stand area, which allow optimal positioning of the feet during training. Thanks to MaxComfort Training and the 61.5 x 35 cm training area, versatile exercise variations can be performed while standing, sitting or lying down. In addition, the two fitness bands included in the delivery allow numerous stretching exercises and are especially suitable for strengthening the upper body through training applications such as ‘bicep curls’. A clearly arranged LCD display shows during the workout the set programme, the speed and duration, while a supplied remote control ensures comfortable operation without the hassle of dismounting.

Time-consuming workouts are a thing of the past - train in your own home whenever you want. Thanks to its compact overall design, the Klarfit Vibe 4DX vibration plate can find a suitable location even in small living spaces. After successful use, the device can be easily moved back and forth to wait for the next training session.

Four floor-protecting and vibration-damping feet not only protect sensitive floor coverings from damage, but also actively decouple the device from the ground. The vibration damping absorbs excessive device movements and related noise.

User manual PDF

Product details

Top features:

  • Full power: 440 watts of power in 4DX TripleMotor Technology to combine linear, vertical and oscillating motion
  • World's first 4D mode: new 4DX TripleMotor Technology achieves vibration in all directions
  • Training computer: 7 preset programmes, 3 manual modes and digital display
  • Selectable training duration: timer to set the duration of 1 - 15 minutes
  • Fitness recipes: with the free Klarstein 'Fit & Healthy' eBook
  • Simple operation: incl. remote control and LED touch interface
  • Work your arms: includes fitness bands to strengthen the upper body
  • Compact and durable: training surface of 61.2 x 35 cm with maximum load of 120 kg
  • Adjustable workout intensity: 30 selectable speeds


  • Load capacity: max. 120 kg
  • Amplitude: oscillation 0-12 mm / vertical 1-2 mm / linear 0-8 mm
  • Frequency: oscillation 7.2-12.3 Hz / vertical 25.2-39.4 Hz / linear 6.3-8.8 Hz
  • Power: 440 watts
  • Mat with mark for foot positions
  • Clear LCD display
  • LCD display: speed, duration, mode
  • Fitness tapes with foam handles
  • Compact sports equipment with a small footprint
  • Floor-protecting and vibration-damping rubber feet with suction cups
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~ | 50/60 Hz

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x vibration plate
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x fitness bands
  • English user manual (other languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish)


  • Dimensions: approx. 71 x 16 x 38 cm (WxHxD)
  • Training area: approx. 61.2 x 35 cm (WxD)
  • Length resistance band: approx. 100 cm
  • Weight: approx. 16.7 kg

Customer opinions

From 5 Customer
Customer opinions

VIBE 4DX Vibration Plate

  • Pure fitness: reduces cellulite and body fat, tightens the tissue, improves posture and strengthens different muscle groups
£ 599.30 £ 284.99
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