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Skytec 12" Active DJ PA Powered Speaker 600W Max

Skytec's reliable 12" PA box is an active system which is perfect for use at medium-sized events. The sound can be perfectly fine-tuned to your personal preference, and can be adjusted to match room conditions thanks to the integrated 2-band equalizer (rear).

A particular strength of this Skytec system is its versatility. In addition to stand mounting , the speaker can also be placed diagonally or stacked with other speakers to provide a truly professional on stage performance!

ABS housing, guards and an accessible handle allow complete mobility and suitability for outdoor events.

2 microphone inputs and a separately adjustable microphone section provide the option to entertain at events where the focus is on language and songs - such as coaching, promotions, seminars and entertainment in the gym.

Product details


  • Active 2-way system with 12" (30cm) Bass Driver
  • 300W RMS (600W Max) amplifier power
  • Separate microphone section
  • Impact resistant, ultra-lightweight and durable ABS housing - ideal for outdoor use
  • Side-mounted carry handle
  • Suitable for Stands with integrated Top Hat mount
  • Suitable for monitor construction
  • Stackable


  • 1 x Unit
  • 1 x Power cable
  • User manual (English, German, French)


  • 38 x 60 x 39cm
  • Weight: 13.9 kg


  • Ports: 1 x stereo RCA line input, 1 x 6.3 mm jack, microphone input, 1 x XLR microphone input, 1 x XLR line input, 1 x XLR line output, 1 x 6.3 mm mini-jack line output
  • Mic Volume, Line and master volume separately adjustable
  • 2-band equalizer with variable bass and treble control
  • Metal grill
  • Sensitivity: 99dB (plus or minus 3 dB)
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Titanium dome horn driver
  • T2A fuse
  • Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz

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of toby reviewed on 23/05/2013

This is a great product, it does what it needs to do capably and does not have loads of gimmicky bells and whistles that some active speakers have.

light weight
good size but not too big
Input gain controls
volume control
bass and treble tone controls
output links to connect a second speaker
good sound
plenty of power

I host ballroom and latin dances and as events had been getting bigger my old portable amp/speaker unit simply did not have enough power. Initially I bought only just one of these speakers. It was capable of filling a room with music at a tea dance and can easily compete with 60 or so people chatting away and I can easily drowned them out if I want to.

I have since bought a second unit and a small mixer rather than using the speaker interconnects. Having two speakers in stereo is always better than one speaker regardless of the quality and I was extremely pleased with the tone and quality and the speakers filled the hall with music very well.

For comparison I regularly host a different event with someone else's equipment which has larger passive speakers and of a higher wattage amp but their equipment sounds quite harsh and lacks the clarity in comparison to the Skytech speakers.

I do have a few minor quibbles with the product:

The casing allows it to be positioned upright, stacked, on tripods, on its side, or tilted back. For this last configuration there are two triangles of plastic that stick out of the back of the casing and if you don't think ahead you can end up gouging your legs with these. I guess you only do that once and then you pick it up more carefully in the future.

There is one handle on the side of the unit which is fine and is good for carrying the unit. However when setting the unit down, if you want to put it in the upright configuration you have to use two hands and there isn't really another good grip to do this. If it had a similar handle on both sides it would be better.

The volume and tone controls are on the back of the unit, and it is impossible to hear what you are doing from behind the unit. You need to keep going in front to listen, then go back behind to adjust or you need to get someone else to assist you while one listens and the other adjusts.

I got a separate mixer so that I could manage fine tuning of the volume and balance between the speakers from in front.

Overall this is a great product I would highly recommend.

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Skytec 12" Active DJ PA Powered Speaker 600W Max

  • Active 2-way system with 12" (30cm) Bass Driver
  • 300W RMS (600W Max) amplifier power
  • Suitable for Stands with integrated top hat mount
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