Love at second sight

Refurbished items at a bargain price

Refurbished Items from HiFi Tower

The electrical and electronic goods that customers order from HiFi Tower are low in price and high in quality on principle. Those who wish to make even greater savings can browse in the refurbished items shop of the well known online retailer! There, buyers will find a wide selection of operational and optically perfect items from categories such as large household appliances and multimedia and audio.

Purchasing tested refurbished items: comprehensively checked by HiFi Tower

But what does refurbished items mean precisely? These are not conventional secondhand goods. While it is the case that the retailer had previously dispatched them to customers, those only required them for a short trial and subsequently returned them for various reasons, making use of their right of withdrawal. That happens quite frequently as buyers can return goods within 14 days without having to give a reason. The products are functional and don’t have any defects; the buyers withdrew from the purchase because the products did not fulfill their needs after all.

HiFi Tower takes these returned items back, checks them thoroughly, and repackages them. That is an opportunity for all bargain hunters. They can snap up these refurbished items at a considerably reduced price, with the discount frequently amounting to between 30 and 40%.

Refurbished items with minimum packaging defects

Customers can buy the reduced items in this category without any concern. They are fully functional and up to spec. The experts check for that with and on/off test. The goods may occasionally show some slight signs of wear. The HiFi Tower employees subject the refurbished items to a thorough inspection. In addition, buyers can rely on the packaging containing all accessories and packaging materials such as small bags and cable ties. The online shop also polishes the products thoroughly, removing dust, fingerprints, water residue, etc.

The differences compared to brand new goods are very limited. There may be slight damage to external and internal packaging; HiFi Tower may have replaced the packaging completely. Batteries may be missing from some devices. There are no further deficiencies. High-quality goods at an attractive special price: There are good reasons, so snap them up!

Refurbished audio systems, heating systems, white goods: retailer with huge selection

HiFi Tower presents hundreds of products in its shop for refurbished items. The web shop displays these products clearly arranged by product categories, same as those used for brand new goods. Users will quickly find the right items. The categories have descriptions such as Home and Living, Large Household Appliances, PA Systems and Audio, and Garden and Outdoor. Customers buy stereo systems, infrared radiant heaters, refrigerators, pond pumps, and much besides at impressive discounts. With the aid of user-friendly search filters, customers can easily find the desired products, for instance by limiting the search by price range, product type, or color. The online retailer for electrical and electronic goods is constantly adding new products to the shop for refurbished items, and so it is worth your while to regularly check this category out!

Buy refurbished items: customer-friendly service

Where the refurbished items are concerned, the popular online shop offers the same benefits as for the entire product range: it thus sells branded goods from manufacturers such as Klarstein and Auna, which combine functionality and outstanding performance with unique design. Thanks to intensive inspection of the returns, the retailer guarantees all three characteristics in the refurbished items shop as well! The items are dispatched promptly once payment has been received; customers can choose from several convenient payment options, and shipping costs are low. In addition, HiFi Tower offers a generous 60 day right of return; these liberal terms apply to all products, including refurbished items.

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