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Projector Screens

An electric projector screen is a sure way to impress your friends and family with an outstanding entertainment centre, all in the comfort of your own home! Our projection screen materials are generally coated with a matte white finish for a comfortable viewing experience.

Say goodbye to blind viewing angles, and make sure that everyone has a front seat at the show! Along with a surround sound system, a projection setup is how your living room goes from good to great! All of our screens, whether they be HD, fixed, electric or manual projector screens, are made of high quality materials. Our tripod projector screen models fold up so they’re portable, and are perfect when space is limited or when you need to take your presentation on the road. They’re perfect at the front of a classroom or lecture. The two most important things to looking for in choosing projection screens are 1. Gain Factor, and 2. Fabric type. The gain factor refers to how reflective the screen material is, and that affects the clarity of the image (the more reflected light, the clearer the image). Secondly, fabric plays a big role in the image quality. You should always look for a smooth surface that’s easy to clean to ensure the optimal viewing experience. Whether you are looking for a portable projector screen, or a pull down or motorised projector screen, we’ve got the right model for your needs. If you are also still shopping for a LED or HD projector, we sell an affordable range as well. And finally, if you are in need of putting the finishing touches on your set up, you’ll want to get yourself a reliable wall or ceiling projector mount to ensure that everyone has a clear line of sight!