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Projector Mounts

Put the finishing touches on your entertainment centre with a reliable projector mount. There are two basic types that are commonly available for sale: projector ceiling mount and projector wall mount brackets. Our home cinema hardware is made of steel to ensure safety and stability. We also sell our projector bracket accessories in attractive finishes like black, white, and silver. A projector mount is also a necessary accessory for business presentation and events. Projector mounts are commonly used in conference and meeting rooms to help get ideas across. We stock many other useful items for business speaking, such as wireless microphone clips. With a projector ceiling mount, a clear line of sign to your projector screen is ensured. A universal projector mount is the best way to ensure you’re seeing images and movies as intended, and also guarantee that the hardware will fit with your existing LED or HD projector. Many of the models we sell are wall and ceiling projector mounts, meaning you have flexibility depending on the room you need it for. The cables can then run through the arm for an attractive and tidy look. Most of the projector wall mounts that we sell are also adjustable – meaning that you can tilt and rotate until the positioning is just right. And naturally, our mounts support up to a weight of 20kg to ensure that your equipment is always safe and secure. Be sure to read the specifications carefully when purchasing a new projector mount.