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Passive Car Subwoofers Enclosed

A passive car subwoofer is the foundation of your car’s audio. Add a boost to your car audio with a passive car subwoofer.

A car subwoofer can come in many different designs, power, colour and price points – today there are so many choices out there on the UK market that it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. A quick search for “car sub” on the internet yields many results and a dizzying array of prices. It’s important to do you research to ensure you get the best deal that you can. With every unpowered car subwoofer, you must be aware of the power and impedence that you need to match the accompanying car amplifier. A professional installer is highly recommended in order to make sure the fitting is done properly, and to advise you on the compatibility between your car sub and other equipment. You want to have earth-shaking bass, but without the risk of damaging your speakers! The good news is a passive car subwoofer often means that it’s a cheap car sub. You do, however, have to factor in the cost of purchasing an amp separately. This is the best way if you want a complete customised sound system, from the bass all the way up to the car tweeters. If you’re wanting so save space, you should also consider a slim underseat subwoofer design. Subwoofer car speakers can bring your in-car entertainment to a whole other level, one with ground-shaking bass! Many enclosed subwoofer boxes feature flashy designs with LED lights and impressive bulk. Power can range anywhere from 200 or 300W for a single bass box, all the way up to 3000 watts max power for a double enclosed subwoofer. Often the biggest boxes are made of sturdy material to protect the drivers and give optimum sound quality.