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Multi-Channel Amps

A 5-channel car amp or 6-channel car amp is for those who are serious about car audio.

When you want to take the next step up in your car’s audio experience, you’ll want to look at purchasing either a 5-channel car amplifier or a 6-channel car amplifier. This is the level where you’ll see a difference in sheer power and possibilities of how you can set up your system. At this price point, you’ll often see features such as adjustable high and low pass filters, or gain regulation for each channel. Many boast MOSFET technology which ensures that your equipment will be sounding great for years to come. A multi-channel amplifier will give you options that a 2-channel car amp or a 4-channel car amp simply can’t provide. Often multi-channel amps are bridgeable, meaning that you can run it as a 6/5/4/3 channel amp and adjust each channel separately. This is the ultimate in customisation, and the way to go to achieve maximum impact. Typical maximum wattage includes the range of 4800 watt, 5000 watt, 6000 watt, and even all the way up to 10,000 watt amplifiers. With a 5-channel car amp or 6-channel car amp, the possibilities for your car sound system are endless. And it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. The best value for money that you can get is to look for solid built, yet affordable brands. For example, Auna car amp models have gained attention in recent years for being a reliable product with reasonable pricing. The use of a professional installer or fitter is recommended when dealing with a 5-channel car amplifier, as well as a 6-channel car amplifier installation. With all audio electronics, you should always check the compatibility of your speakers and amplifier before attempting to run your equipment. Wattage and impedence needs to be carefully matched in order to avoid damaging your goods!