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Klarstein Windwaker Pro 9 Inverter Split Air Conditioner 9000 BTU A++ White

Extremely economical spit air condition for cooling, heating, and dehumidifying all types of indoor rooms with an A++ energy efficiency class.

5 selectable operating modes: automatic, cooling, drying, fan, and heating for comfortable temperatures between 16 und 30 °C.

Highly noiseless indoor unit with 28 dB(A), up to  600 m³/ h air flow and 0.8 l/h dehumidification.

Comfortable room temperature are no longer a myth. Rediscover your perfect climate. The Klarstein Windwaker Pro 9 split air condition all year long fills your home or office with fresh air, provides a pleasant level of humidity, and grants amiable room temperatures.

No matter what the weather outside is, with the Klarstein Windwaker Pro 9 air condition you will always have complete control over the temperature indoors. It doesn't matter whether cooling, heating, providing fresh air, or dehumidifying is needed, the split unit is equipped for all situations in order to achieve the desired temperature between 16 to 30 °C. This luxury doesn't have to expensive. The heat-exchange system works so efficiently that is has earned the energy efficiency class A++. With the heating or cooling mode, the fan with its oscillation function and its 3 speeds and the various timer functions, you can customize the device to perfectly fit your needs. All this is controlled from the comfort of the couch or desk with the included remote control. Through the two unit principle, everything runs with an extremely quiet operating noise level.

The Klarstein Windwaker Pro 9 split air conditioner creates dream climates. It will always provide you with the best indoor environment. It is the air professional!

Information according to 626/2011

Trademark of the supplier: Klarstein

Model identifier of the supplier: 10029706

Sound power level indoors in the cooling mode in dB: 54 dB(A) 

Sound power level outdoors in the cooling mode in dB: 63 dB(A) 

Sound power level indoors in the heating mode in dB: 54 dB(A) 

Sound power level outdoors in the heating mode in dB: 63 dB(A) 

The leakage of the refrigeration (R410A) contributes to climate change. Refrigerants with a lower greenhouse potential contribute less to global warming in the event of a spill than those with a higher greenhouse potential. This device contains with a global warming potential of 2088. Thus a leakage of 1 kg of this refrigerant has a greater impact on global warming, specifically 2088 times more, than 1 kg of CO2, over a period of a 100 years. Do not carry out any work on the refrigerant circuit or dismantling of the unit. Always consult a specialized technician.

Coefficient of performance in cooling mode (SEER): 6.1

Energy efficiency class: A++

Energy consumption 155 kWh/year, based on the standard test results. The actual consumption depends on the usage and location of the device.

Design cooling load in kW: 2.7 kW

Coefficient of performance in heating mode:

Energy consumption 913/980/2850 kWh/year, based on the standard test results. The actual consumption depends on the usage and location of the device.

Other heating seasons ('warmer' and 'colder'):

Design heating load in kW: 3.0/2.8/3.8 kW 

Specified performance capability and the calculation of the SCOP under the reference design conditions underlying replacement heating power: 0/0.3/0.5 kW

Information according to 206/2012

Cooling system: yes

Heating system: yes

Further information, see product data sheet

Please consider that according to the EU F-Gas Regulation 517/214 you require certificated companies and technicians for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning units.

Product details


  • Refreshing split air conditioner for the regulation of indoor climates
  • Powerful 9000 BTU / 2.6 kW cooling capacity and  3.0 kW heating capacity with low fuel consumption with an energy efficiency class of A++
  • Desired temperature selected in 1 °C increments between 16 to 30 °C
  • 4-speed built-in fan with a oscillation function for better air circulation
  • Included remote control for convenient control


  • 1 x indoor unit
  • 1 x outdoor unit
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x  inlet/outlet set including mounting materials
  • User manual in German (other languages: English)


  • Outdoor unit dimensions: approx. 80 x 54.5 x 30 cm (WxHxD)
  • Indoor unit dimensions: approx. 84 x 27.5 x 19 cm (WxHxD)
  • Length of the included copper pipes: 4 m
  • Outdoor unit weight: approx. 28 kg
  • Indoor unit weight: approx. 10 kg


  • On/off switch on the remote control
  • Split air condition for temperature regulation, including input and output lines
  • Operation light on the device display
  • Coolant: R410A
  • 5 operation modes: auto, cooling, heating, drying, and fan
  • Auto mode: the device independently chooses all settings for providing a pleasant climate in the room
  • Cooling mode: standard operation for the cooling of rooms to a temperature between 16 to 30 ° C 
  • Heating mode: standard operation for the heating of rooms to a temperature between 16 to 30 ° C
  • Drying mode: lowers the humidity with up to 0.8 l/h
  • Fan mode: separate operation of the fans without cooling capacity
  • 4 fan settings: low, medium, high, auto (device adjusts to the air circulation of the room temperature)
  • 2 timer modes: shutdown timer & power-up timer
  • Timer adjustable to concrete times in 1 or 10 minute increments
  • Sleep mode: automatic raising or lowering of the temperature for optimum sleeping conditions
  • Controlled via a remote control
  • Temperature displayed in either °C or °F
  • Indoor and outdoor unit
  • Device power supply: 220-240V~ / 50-60Hz
  • Remote control power supply:  2 x AAA battery (included in delivery)

Operating instructions

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Klarstein Windwaker Pro 9 Inverter Split Air Conditioner 9000 BTU A++ White

  • 2.6 kW cooling capacity and 3.0 kW heating capacity with low fuel consumption
  • Desired temperature between 16 to 30 °C
  • 4-speed built-in fan with a oscillation function 
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