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Klarstein VitAir Twist hot air fryer 4 in 1 cooking device 1230 W black

Multifunctional hot air fryer of 1230 watts for grilling, steaming, cooking and roasting. 

Crunchier than ever: stir-fry-function with removable stirrer filps fries, baked potatoes or vegetables during grilling.

Easy handling with pre-programmed programmes or temperature and cooking selection for best results after one's own taste.

Let's do the twist! With Klarstein VitAir Twist Hot Air Fryer it gets really hot in the kitchen. The only fryer with stirrring function: To get the crunchiest French fries ever!

The Klarstein VitAir Twist Hot Air Dryer puts the kitchen upside down because it can do more than the others: Whether frying, grilling, roasting,  steaming or cooking this cooking device fills with enthusiam through its function magnitude and is at the same time easy to use. Four selectable cooking modes, grill, stir-fry, steam and stew are available. Either with pre-programmed temperature or cooking time or just simply programmable according to one's own needs. The real secret of VitAir Twist is, however, the removable stirrer that can be used in the stir-fry or stew mode. It ceaselessly stirs stews, fries or fried potatoes during the cooking and thus ensures even heating and overall crunchy browning. Thanks to the halogen infrared heating element fish, meat or vegetables cook within record time - thanks to the hot air process almost completely without oil or cooking fat. That is how healthy and delicious food is cooked today!

1230 watts create the right amount of heat under the transparent cover through which one can watch the food during cooking at any time. And if water is filled into the cooking vessel that can contain around 4 litres the fryer turns into a real steamer that carefully gives vegetables or fish the right bite and keeps the maximum of vitamines at the same time. An extensive recipe collection in the handbook introduces to different and delicious possibilities of the hot air fryer.

Crunchier than ever: The Klarstein VitAir Twist Hot Air Fryer gets the gist.

Available in: black, red (article 10030356)


Product details


  • multifunctional hot air deep fryer for cooking, BBQ, deep frying, roasting or steaming
  • integrated stirrer to flip the food during cooking
  • infrared halogen heating element of 1230 watts
  • simple handling: 4 cooking modes with pre-programmed cooking temperatures and times
  • timer and temperature individually programmable 


  • 1 x hot air fryer
  • 1 x stirrer
  • 1 x cooking spoon
  • 1 x spatula
  • 1 x tongs
  • Manual in English (further languages: German)


  • Dimensions: approx. 32 x 30 cm (ØxH)
  • Weight: approx. 4.1 kg


  • Capacity of cooking vessel: approx. 4 l (max. 2 liter water / max. 1 liter oil)
  • Barbecue function: for BBQ, roasting, toasting and baking; for example pizza or cake
  • Stir-fry-function: for frying or deep frying; for example French fries, potatoes or popcorn
  • Steam-function: for steaming, for example vegetables or fish 
  • Stew-function: for simmering, stewing or cooking; for example stews or risotto
  • Timer depending on function adjustable from  00:01 to 8:00 hours
  • Temperature depending on function adjustable from 50 to 220 °C
  • Transparent cover
  • Operating panel with digital display for simple overview regarding corresponding settings
  • Easy to clean: removable cooking vessel and stirrer
  • Cooking vessel with honeycombed non-stick coating
  • Including cooking spoon, spatula and tongs for easy handling of food
  • Extensive receipe collection with handbook
  • Power supply: 220-240 V~ / 50-60 Hz

Operating instructions

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Klarstein VitAir Twist hot air fryer 4 in 1 cooking device 1230 W black

  • integrated stirrer to flip the food
  • Infrared halogen heating element of 1230 watts
  • easy handling: 4 cooking modes
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