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Klarstein Senna Automatic Watch Winder Right-Left Run Black

Smooth-running watch winder with power supply operation for one automatic watch.

Four motion modes for right- or left-winding watches.

Watch presented on an elegant, black velvet cushion.

Watch lovers and collectors know: automatic watches must be constantly kept in motion so they do not stop or the oil inside does not gum up. This can be a problem when you own more than one of these valuable pieces and can’t wear them all often. As a remedy, Klarstein offers the Senna watch winder, which tirelessly keeps automatic watches in oscillation and keeps their movement in constant motion.

To accommodate the watch is a noble black velvet cushion that elegantly presents every watch. A transparent cover protects the valuable chronometers against dust and also serves as a switch that stops the Senna watch winder when it is opened. For rotation of the watch, there are four modes to choose from, which every 30 minutes rotates the watch either clockwise or counterclockwise for 6 minutes or keeps the watch in motion with different intervals in alternating directions of rotation.

The Klarstein Senna watch winder has a very smooth-running motor, meaning that the operating noise is barely perceptible even at a close range. This makes it especially suitable for placement in a bedroom or study. The device is powered by a 4V 500mAh power supply.

Available colours: black, red (item 10028577).

Product details


  • Smooth-running winder for an automatic watch
  • Watch accommodated on elegant, black velvet cushion
  • 4 modes with forward and reverse or changing direction


  • 1 x watch winder
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x English user manual  (other languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish)


  • Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 13 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 480 g
  • Cable length: 160 cm


  • Power supply: 4V 550 mA power supply
  • Barely perceptible engine noise
  • Winds up watches over long periods and prevents watch oil from gumming up
  • Plastic cover to protect against dust and switches for engine
  • Mode 1: 6 minutes clockwise rotation, alternating with 30 minutes stop (1440 UPT)
  • Mode 2: 6 minutes counterclockwise rotation, alternating with 30 minutes stop (1440 UPT)
  • Length of the fitting bracelet:165 - 195 mm
  • Mode 3: 20 minutes clockwise, 10 minute stop alternating with 20 minutes of counterclockwise rotation, 10 minute stop (5760 UPT)
  • Mode 4: 10 minutes left rotation alternating with 10 minutes of clockwise rotation for 3 hours, stop after 9 hours (2152 UPT)
  • Housing material: plastic
  • Colour: black

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Klarstein Senna Automatic Watch Winder Right-Left Run Black

  • Smooth-running winder for one automatic watch
  • Elegant, black velvet cushion
  • 4 modes with clockwise or counterclockwise movement or changing direction
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