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Klarstein Katana 8 Knife Set 8-Piece Scissors Sharpening Steel Knife Block

Order in the kitchen: 8-piece knife set for the the right sharpness when cooking.

8 pieces: 5 knives, a sharpening steel, scissors as well as a knife block.

Storage in the wood block: knives are safe and easily accessible, the blades remain sharper longer.

With the knife block Katana 8 from Klarstein, you will always have your main kitchen helps always on hand. The cutting of fish, meat and vegetables becomes truly pleasurable.

Doesn't matter whether you cook for yourself or a big meal for your friends or family, every successful meal begins with the proper organization. WIth the Katana 8 knife set from Klarstein, you will always things under control from the beginning. Whether you need an onion finely chopped, to slice bread, or to separate meat from the bone or even a small kitchen knife to a large meat knife, the 8-piece set is professionally equipped to meet all your needs. You can cut, dice, fillet to your heart's content. A sharpening steel for manual sharpening of the blades and a handy scissors are also included. And the best part...unlike storage in a drawer, the wood block keeps the knive's sharpness for a very long time and protects you against the danger of getting hurt when reaching for the knife. Not only does its functionality make the knife block Katana 8 attractive, but also its design. Made from high quality wood and meticulously crafted, it fits easily into any enviroment. Thanks to its balanced form, it quite naturally beome the highlight of the kitchen. It retains its beautiful appearance for a long time; you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time for maintance purposes.

Stay relaxed, because with the knife block Katana 8 from Klarstein you will always have the sharpest knife!

Product details


  • 8-piece knife set with high functionality
  • Solid wood block for storage of the knives: blades retain their sharpness longer
  • 5 knives: chef's knife (8"), bread knife (8"), carving knife (8"), all-purpose knife (5"), 1 peeling knife (3.5")
  • Sharpening steel (8") for resharpening
  • All-purpose scissors with nutcracker


  • 1 x knife block
  • 1 x chef's knife
  • 1 x bread knife
  • 1 x carving knife
  • 1 x all-purpose knife
  • 1 x peeling knife
  • 1 x sharpening steel
  • 1 x all-purpose scissors
  • User manual in English (other languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian)


  • Dimensions: approx. 11 x 18 x 21 cm (WxHxD)
  • Chef's knife blade length: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • Bread knife blade length: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • Carving knife blade length: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • All-purpose knife blade length: 5" / 12.7 cm
  • Peeling knife blade length: 3.5" / 8.89 cm
  • Sharpening steel length: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • Scissors length: 20 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg



  • Practical wooden block for order in the kitchen
  • Easy storage of long knives: always and safely at hand
  • Blade material: rust-free 3Cr13 stainless steel - blades can be easily sharpened and keep their sharpeness longer
  • Block material: rubber tree
  • Handle material: plastic
  • Elegant design with marbled handles


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Klarstein Katana 8 Knife Set 8-Piece Scissors Sharpening Steel Knife Block

  • Solid wood block for storage
  • 5 knives: chef's knife, bread knife, carving knife, all-purpose knife, 1 peeling knife
  • Sharpening steel and scissors
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