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Klarstein Junior Chef Finn Baby Food Maker 5-in-1 blender Blue

Powerful, BPA-free, 5-in-1 device for preparing baby food: steaming, mixing, sterilising, heating and thawing.

700W heating element for gentle cooking and heating with steam and 200 W motor for crushing and mixing fine and lumpy pulps.

Simple control panel with illuminated display; includes steamer inserts for heating or sterilising milk bottles.

With the Junior Chef Finn baby food maker from Klarstein, you get a powerful compact control system for the preparation of baby food. Five functions leave nothing to be desired when it comes to fast and nonetheless gentle preparation of baby food: steaming, mixing, sterilising, heating and defrosting in one machine.

Use the steamer funciton to gently cook fruits, vegetables or meat. The vitamins, nutrients and flavour are retained and contribute to a healthy diet for your baby. Up to 300ml of water can be filled into the tank to produce hot steam for up to 30 minutes. An LED-illuminated scale enables you to easily detect the level externally. Two steamer inserts with separator plates allow the simultaneous preparation of two different foods without mixing the tastes. You can also choose between two speeds for the cooking process, and set a timer to cook food to the optimal point. Once the steaming process is complete, a beep sounds and the indicator light of the baby food maker goes out.

With the blender, the cooked ingredients may be blended into a mash and mixed with each other — ideal for preparing your own tasty baby food, in which you know exactly what foods are included. The powerful 200W motor of the Junior Chef Finn features two speed settings, depending on whether you want a puree or a thicker mash with lumps. About 900ml of ingredients in pieces or 250ml of ready porridge fit into the mixing jug. An attachable splash guard reduces the cleaning effort after blending.

In addition to using it a steam cooker, the 700W heating element facilitates the quick and easy sterilisation of milk bottles without complicated fiddling with a microwave or boiling water. Simply put the drinking supplies in the steamer, select the sterilisation function and enter the desired sterilisation time. This can be adjusted up to a maximum of 30 minutes (6 minutes is sufficient for most bottles) When the process is completed, a beep sounds and the indicator light sounds as the program expires.

It is just as easy to heat the milk-filled bottles, for which the Klarstein baby food maker features another function. By combining the steamer inserts, large milk bottles up to 20cm in height can be easily heated. Using the same function, it is also possible to thaw frozen milk or baby food. To spare you any guesswork in cooking and warm-up times, the manual contains appropriate information for a variety of foods and quantities of milk.

All functions are controlled via a small easy key panel. An illuminated display shows which settings have been made at a glance. Since sterile cleaning for a baby food cleaner is particularly important, all parts of the Junior Chef Finn can be easily disassembled and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Even the blade of the mixer is easily removable, so that no food residue gets stuck. Visually, the Klarstein baby food maker convinces with its rounded shape, while its compact dimensions make it easy to fit into even smaller kitchens without a problem.

Available colours: blue/white, green/white (irtem 10028611).

Please note that all plastic parts that come in contact with food are made from BPA-free polypropylene (PP, Code 5).

Product details


  • Multifunction 5-in-1 baby food maker: steam cooking, mixing, sterilising, heating / defrosting
  • 700 W heating element for fast and slow cooking
  • Gentle preparation of baby food
  • 200 W motor with two speeds
  • Suitable for sterilising and heating milk bottles up to 20cm height
  • Material: polypropylene (PP, Code 5, BPA-Free)
  • Easy cleaning, all removable parts dishwasher-proof


  • 1 x device base
  • 1 x mixing cup
  • 1 x large steamer
  • 1 x small steamer
  • 1 x separator plate steamers
  • 1 x replacement gasket for blades
  • 1 x splash insert for shaker
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: 27 x 23 x 16 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 2050 g


  • Steam cooking with two speeds
  • Mixer with two speeds for fine and lumpy puree
  • Adjustable by the minute cooking timer to 30 minutes
  • Beep at end of program
  • Two steamer inserts for the simultaneous preparation of two foods
  • Easy-to-understand control surface on basic equipment
  • Illuminated display for good overview of selected features
  • Detachable blender blades for sterile cleaning of all parts
  • Capacity steamer water tank: 300 ml
  • Capacity shaker: 300 ml
  • Cooking and warm-up times for various foods and quantities of milk in the manual
  • Storage compartment for spoon or spatula in the stand
  • Cable holder in the stand
  • On / off switch on top of equipment base
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz

Operating instructions

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Klarstein Junior Chef Finn Baby Food Maker 5-in-1 blender Blue

  • 5-in-1 baby food maker
  • 700 W heating element
  • 200 W motor with two speeds
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