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Klarstein Fruit Jerky 10 10-Tiered Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator 800 W Black

High-performance food dehydrator with a 800 watt heating element for drying fruit, vegetables or meat, softening stale pastries or making pet treats.

Ten drying tiers, totaling a large drying surface of over 1 m², in a stable drawer-design as opposed to stacked tiers.

Adjustable temperature settings and drying times for ideal results and even heat distribution via an ultra-quiet fan on the back side of the dryer.

Enjoy some dried fruit or veggies as your next delicious snack or use them as naturally conserved ingredients for your daily meals with the food dehydrator Fruit Jerky 10 from Klarstein. You can create a wide variety of foods depending on your tastes and adventurousness, ranging from apple or banana chips, dried tomatoes or flavoursome beef jerky.

Using 800 watt power, the Fruit Jerky 10 removes water from food, thereby prolonging its shelf life via one of the oldest and most natural preservation processes in the world. The foods don't lose vitamins, minerals and other important requirements for a healthy diet through this process. You can adjust the temperature up to 68 °C so you can find the perfect heat setting for drying any type of food, whether it be fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. Dehydration phases can be set to the minute up to 40 hours using the timer clock. The user guide contains a wide array of comprehensive tips for preparing, improving and drying different treats, making using the dehydrator even easier.

The dehydrator has 10 tiers, each with a drying surface measuring 1050 cm² - almost 1 m² in total. This massive amount of space allows for drying large amounts of food; for example, when berry, apple or cherry harvests require quick processing of lots of fruit, or lots of snacks need to be produced at once. Unlike many other food dehydrators, the Fruit Jerky 10 has a stable plastic, aluminium and sheet-steel housing. The drying tiers can be inserted in the dehydrator and are thus protected from accidental bumps. Additionally, the housing retains and circulates heat throughout the tiers well, while an extra-quiet fan blows hot air evenly between the tiers from the back of the dryer.

In addition to creating dried snacks and ingredients, the food dehydrator can also soften up stale food. After a short time in the drier, old, stale bread is fresh once again, and even crisps get their crunchiness back. Similarly, the dryer can provide the necessary warmth for yeast dough to rise. But the Fruit Jerky 10 isn't only a wonderful addition to your home kitchen for you to enjoy - cats and dogs are fans too! They love the healthy and economic treats you can make from dried strips of meat.

After use, the parts of the dehydrator can be easily cleaned and stored away from dust and dirt in the dryer until they're needed again. The Klarstein Fruit Jerky 10 has four non-slip rubber feet to keep it stable.

Product details


  • High-performance dehydrator for drying food
  • Natural food preservation, retains vitamins and minerals
  • 800 watt power for optimal heating during recirculating air operation
  • 10 large drying tiers to quickly process large amounts of food
  • Drying surface of over 1 m²
  • Stable housing which improves heat circulation and protects the drying tiers


  • 1 x food dehydrator
  • 10 x drying tiers
  • User manual (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)


  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 51 x 49 cm (WxHxD)
  • Drying tier surface: approx. 31 x 34 cm (WxL)
  • Distance between drying tiers: approx. 4 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9.4 kg


  • Back-side, ultra-quiet fan for even heat distribution
  • Also suitable for softening old pastries, letting dough rise or making pet treats
  • Temperature range: up to 68 °C
  • Timer: adjustable to the minute up to 40 hours
  • LCD display
  • User-friendly operation via a control dial and 3 buttons
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • User guide with extensive tips
  • Housing material: plastic, aluminium, sheet-steel
  • Drying tier material: plastic
  • On/off switch on the upper side of the dehydrator
  • Power supply: 220 - 240V~ / 50 - 60 Hz

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Klarstein Fruit Jerky 10 10-Tiered Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator 800 W Black

  • High-performance dehydrator for drying food
  • 800 watt power for optimal heating
  • 10 large drying tiers with a drying surface of over 1 m²
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