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Klarstein Botella 120D Wine Cooler 261 Liter 2 Zones Stainless Steel LED 111 Bottles

Wine cooler with five wooden drawers and a 270-liter capacity for up to 111 wine bottles.

Touch-sensitive control panel and switchable interior LED lighting.

Stainless steel door with stainless steel handle and large panoramic windows.

The Klarstein Botello 120D wine cooler is a refined winery, which has opted again of just being a space for storage but instead offers itself as a magnificent stage for up to 111 bottles of wine.

With a large double, glass panorama door, the wine cooler advertises its 261-liter interior. In conjunction with its dignified appearance, the device remains fitting for exposed installation in gastronomic establishments, wine shops and at bacchanalian events of all kinds.

With a variable temperature range for different wine types, needs are adequately taken care of and beyond that offers the option to fill the wine cooler with other beverages. Two independent cooling zones allow for the appropriate treatment of two different wine batches. The operation is controlled via a touch-sensitive control panel with temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Thanks to the switchable, white interior LED lighting, the stored wines are elegantly presented.

Enjoyment on several levels. The device is delivered with five elegant, removable shelves and also a fixed storage space, which allows for a flexible segmentation of wine batches and quick access to the various wines.

Wine storage is not a case of one size fits all. Many factors affect the taste of a wine - two key factors affect it. The cooling and storage temperature of red wine is usually in a range of 12 – 18° Celsius, whereas white wine and sparkling wine are served cooler.

In a normal refrigerator, different cooling zones cannot be set; the wine cooler offers relief. A wine cooler has at least two independent cooling sections which can be set to different temperatures. Thus both white and red wine can in its own appropriate place can develop its full flavor.

Information Required by the Energy Consumption Labelling Ordinance in Conjuction with the Delegated Regulation (EU) Nr. 1060/2010 of the Commission

Supplier's name: Klarstein 
Supplier's model identifier: 10029782 
Category of household cooling device models: 2 (refrigerator with cellar zone, cellar-rich cooling unit and wine cabinet)
Energy efficiency class: B
Yearly energy consumption (AEC) in kWh/year: energy consumption 145 kWh/year on the basis of norm testing over a period of 24 hours. The actual consumption depends on the usage and location of the device. 
Rated capacity (number of standard 0.75 liter bottles that can be stored in the device): 111 bottles (270 liters net capacity)
Lowest storage temperature of the wine in Celsius: 5° C 
Frost-free: not applicable; device without frost-free system
Temperature rise time/ Storage time in hours during disturbances: not applicable
Freezing capacity in kg/24h: not applicable
Climate class: SN, N, ST, T (This device is for the operation in an ambient temperature between 10 °C and 43 °C .) 
Airborne sound emissions in dB(A) re1 pW: 46 dB(A) re1 pW 
Built-in device: no

This device is intended exclusively for storing wine.

Product details


  • Environmentally friendly wine cellar with a 261-liter capacity for 111 bottles
  • Two programmable cooling zones for different types of wine
  • Five removable wooden shelves and switchable interior LED lighting
  • LCD display with temperature display and touch-sensitive control panel
  • Quiet when in operation, easy to clean, and economic in its power consumption with a energy efficiency class of B
  • Black metal housing with a lockable steel-glass door along with a stainless steel handle


  • 1 x device
  • 2 x keys
  • user manual in German (other languages: English)


  • 59.5 x 128 x 76 cm (WxHxD)
  • 49 x 105.5 x 54 cm
  • Cable length: approx. 2 m
  • Weight: approx. 66 kg


  • Temperature range upper zone: 12 - 20 °C
  • Temperature range lower zone: 5 - 12 °C
  • Type of installation: free standing
  • Temperature display: Celsius, Fahrenheit
  • Fixed storage shelf
  • Door hinge mounted on both sides
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz

Operating instructions

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Klarstein Botella 120D Wine Cooler 261 Liter 2 Zones Stainless Steel LED 111 Bottles

  • 261-liter capacity for 111 bottles
  • Two programmable cooling zones
  • Five removable wooden shelves and interior LED lighting
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