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Klarstein Beerfest Mash Kettle Beer Homebrew Kit 2585W 30L Double-walled

For the home brew master: high-precision mash boiler with simple operation to guarantee a successful microbrew.

2585W powerful mash boiler with timer and thermostat for precise heating and keeping warm.

Double-walled stainless steel boiler for even heat distribution; includes strainer and hose filter.

Brew your own beer! Too complicated? Far from it, with the Beerfest Mash Kettle from Klarstein easily turns anyone into a master home brewer, The most complicated part of beer production is mashing. The grist must be precisely heated and maintained at a uniform temperature over long periods of time in order to convert the starch of the grain into fermentable sugar. The process is made easy in the mash kettle.

Up to 30 litres of brewing contents can be brought to a boil in a large stainless steel bowl. Using a variable control, the required temperature can be accurately set in two-degree increments between 30 and 100 degrees Celsius. The powerful 2585W heating element brings the mash to a boil to reach the desired temperature in the blink of an eye. Two operating lights show whether the Beerfest brewing unit is heating (red light) or maintaining the temperature at the desired level (green light). Via an additional knob, you can set a timer between 10 and 120 minutes. An acoustic signal announces when the time is up and the heating element switches off. This ensures that you miss none of the important points of temperature change in making your brew. The mash boiler can also be adjusted on continuous operation.

The double-walled stainless steel bowl of the Klarstein Beerfest mash kettle helps the process in several ways: first, it provides a uniform temperature distribution so that the brew in the bottom and the upper part of the tank reach the same temperature. It also increases safety, preventing the exterior of the brewing unit from excessively heating and therefore reducing the risk of injury from accidental touches. Also, the stainless steel surface facilitates the cleaning of the inside and outside of the device after mashing. Finally, the polished exterior makes for an eye-catching device in your home brewery.

When the brew is ready, a coarse sieve and mesh hose filter help remove the grist from the mash. Via a 1/2” tap on the bottom, the brew can be drained. A lock prevents the accidental opening of the tap.

Product details


  • 2585W strong heating element
  • Double-walled stainless steel boiler for even temperature distribution
  • Simple operation with only two controls
  • Easy emptying through secure drain tap


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x strainer
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: 40 x 67 x 37cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 5.6kg


  • Temperature control: continuously adjustable between 30-110 ° C
  • Timer: continuously adjustable between 10 - 120 minutes / continuous operation
  • Warning lamps for heating (red) and maintaining temperature (green)
  • Tap with fine mesh bag filter
  • Double-walled lid with seal for secure closure
  • Heat-resistant plastic handle on the lid for easy opening during mashing
  • Includes strainer to filter the mash
  • Off switch on front panel
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~ / 50-60Hz

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Klarstein Beerfest Mash Kettle Beer Homebrew Kit 2585W 30L Double-walled

  • 2585W heating element
  • Double-walled stainless steel boiler
  • Simple operation with only two controls
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