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Klarfit Rocketkid Trampoline 140cm/4.5ft Safety Net Bungee Suspension - Pink

Sporty 1.4m trampoline for indoors and outdoors with polypropylene jumping surface.

Special security by inner-lying safety net and suspension made of bungee cords, no steel springs.

Youthful look with large rocket design on the jumping surface and colourful upholstery.

Trampolining is fun and healthy, now suitable for all seasons Klarfit Rocketkid Trampoline - whether indoors or outdoors.

With a diameter of 1.4m, the Rocketkid provides a pleasant large jumping surface in a size that will meet indoor space requirements. You can easily find a place both indoors and outdoors, meaning that you can use your trampoline throughout the year for recreational fun. Since children have great fun on the trampoline, the Klarfit Rocketkid is specifically adapted to their needs. With each age group, the trampoline increases your child's endurance and coordination while promoting motor skills and a sense of balance. It strengthens the muscles and increases mobility - without the joints being too heavily loaded.

The Klarfit Rocketkid is particularly clear about its commitment to safety: instead of conventional steel springs, the trampoline uses bungee cords for suspension. These are not only highly elastic, but also comparatively very soft, further reducing the risk of injury from falling. As with all Klarfit trampolines, the rope suspension is hidden under a colourful padding which also prevents pinching or sliding through. An optional assembled safety net with extra-large easy entry additionally prevents falls from the device. Through inner-lying installation, jumpers cannot come in contact with the suspension mechanisms of the trampoline, which are located outside of the safety net.

On top of the special security features, the Rocketkid places special emphasis on design. The jumping surface is made from black polypropylene and is decorated with a large rocket graphic that will impress jumpers big and small. All metal parts are powder coated with black plastic, while the grab bars of the safety net are covered in black padding. The pink cushion of the trampoline creates a pleasant and eye-catching contrast.

The Klarfit Rocketkid Trampoline is suitable for children and young people over 3 years of age with a maximum load capacity of 50 kg. While it can be set up in the garden without any problems during summer months, its moderate space requirements make it ideal for indoor use in colder seasons.

Please note that the device is delivered as a kit. Illustrated assembly instructions and the required mounting materials are included in the delivery.

Available colours: pink, blue (10027935).

Please note: The operating and assembly instructions supplied contain erroneous information for the maximum user weight and/or the maximum endurance of this item. The information found on our website is now correct, and the corrected version of the operating and installation instructions can be found below by copying and pasting the below link into your web browser:

Product details


  • Stable 140cm/4.5ft indoor or outdoor trampoline with 50kg max. load-bearing capacity
  • Inner-lying safety net with black padded rods
  • Polypropylene jumping mat with innovative bungee rope suspension
  • Youthful fresh look with large rocket graphic


  • 1 x trampoline assembly kit
  • 1 x safety net system
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Diameter: 150cm
  • Height: 150cm
  • Frame height: 35cm
  • Total weight: about 14kg


  • Three powder-coated double feet for shake-free jumping
  • Jumping mat material: polypropylene
  • Bar material: powder-coated metal
  • Edge cover with visually appealing pink foam padding
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years

Operating instructions

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Klarfit Rocketkid Trampoline 140cm/4.5ft Safety Net Bungee Suspension - Pink

  • Stable 140cm/4.5ft trampoline with 50kg max. load-bearing capacity
  • Inner-lying safety net 
  • Polypropylene jumping mat with bungee rope suspension
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