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Klarfit Relax Zone Pro Hang-Up Inversion Table Spinal 150kg

Inversion table to relieve pain and herniated discs, back and muscle tension.
Suitable for all ages - no risks or side effects.
Maximum load capacity 150 kg.

The Klarfit Relax Zone Pro Inversion Table is an effective tool for training and relaxing your muscles, relieving back pain for people of all ages. The "hang-up" trend has earned its place in fitness and physical therapy treatments, used in the course of curative and preventive treatments for back pain.Due to our modern lifestyles, more and more people are suffering from back and shoulder pain and muscle tension. The number of herniated discs that people suffer is rising. Heavy physical work, poorly designed office work stations and bad sitting posture expose our spines to daily stress leading to physiological problems and pain.This inversion table can relieve these symptoms by stretching the spine and torso muscles. The reduction of tension on the spine can relieve intervertebral discs and increase the healthy flow of spinal fluid. Gravity training also benefits your cardiovascular system by supplying the head with fresh blood, helping to relieve varicose veins and stress-related headaches.As early as 400 BC, the famous physician of antiquity Hippocrates knew the positive impact that the suspension trek position could have on the human body. He treated many of his patients by suspending them upside down from ladders to relieve a variety of physiological ailments.Fortunately, we no longer need to hang upside down from ladders, thanks to the extremely comfortable Klarfit inversion trainer. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary and at the same time extremely comfortable - thanks to the inversion trainer. With just a few uses a week, you can achieve long-term success in pain relief and prevent future injury.The inversion table can also be used as an exercise device, allowing you to strengthen the muscles that support your back with crunches.The inversion table has a maximum load of 150 kg and can be variably adjusted according to the user's height. The 2 inch thick foam padding on the bank run and the padded ankle clamps ensure comfort during exercise. The maximum inversion of the bank, which is fixed at about 180 °, can be limited by using the lateral ergonomic handles and nylon strap.The extremely stable steel suspension trek bank ensures a secure feeling while in therapy.The Klarfit Relax Zone Pro Inversion Table is a highly effective therapeutic tool, and a useful addition for the home hobby room or exercise room.Easy construction and installation with well-illustrated assembly instructions.

Product details


  • Inversion table ideal for the treatment of back problems
  • Prevent back pain and muscle tension and increase blood circulation
  • Joiner supports the spine and stretches the surrounding muscles
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Frame made of stable steel construction
  • Easy to assemble with well-illustrated assembly instructions


  • 1 x device (assembly required)
  • 1 x back cushion
  • 1 x installation tool
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • 30.7" x 57.5" x 62.6" (78 x 146 x 159 cm)
  • Weight: 24.5 kg


  • Maximum 180 ° inversion with nylon strap, without nylon strap: 160 °
  • Max. Load up to 150 kg
  • Suitable up to a height of max. 6"2
  • 20 times the height adjustment of the leg holder
  • 3-position roller hinge to control the speed and rotation
  • Reclining bench upholstered with 2" thick foam
  • Foot rest with padded ankle fixation
  • Adjustable length nylon belt to limit tilting angle
  • Ergonomic safety handles
  • Special pivot bearing
  • Vinyl cover
  • Locking bolts and screws
  • Self-locking joints
  • Non-slip feet
  • Cushioned rubber support strut

Operating instructions

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Klarfit Relax Zone Pro Hang-Up Inversion Table Spinal 150kg

  • Prevent back pain and muscle tension and increase blood circulation
  • Joiner supports the spine and stretches the surrounding muscles
  • Suitable for all ages
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