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Klarfit Luxor Dance Pole Rotate / Static 2.74m 45mm Stainless

Pole-dance dancing pole with variable length, suitable for a maximum ceiling height of 2.74m.
Rotating or static - suitable for all exercises and poses for pole dancing, pole fitness and aerobics.
Easy installation and safe stand without drilling.

With the Klarfit Luxor stripper pole-dancing pole, bring professional dance and fitness equipment to your home, club orbBar. Force and stamina exercises, as well as acrobatic poses, plunge your body into the world of pole fitness, so that you can pursue a new muscle-building and aesthetic sports program in your home. The transition between training and dance is fluid, allowing you to take advantage of the Klarfit Luxor’s fitness opportunities to use body tension and balance to outsmart gravity.
The dance pole is not rigid, rotating with your body to demonstrate your level of professionalism and perform even more fluid movements and spectacular dance routines. Within seconds, the Klarfit pole-dance pole may be switched between the static and rotating states, and thus can be easily adapted to your individual requirements.
The rod is clamped by a clamping system firmly between floor and ceiling - with no holes - with ceiling heights up to 2.74m. It is mounted quickly and leaves no unsightly marks or scratches thanks to the protective silicone rings at both ends. Based on professional standards for pole-dancing, the diameter of the Klarfit Luxor is a comfortable 45mm, so you always have everything under control and can safely swing on the pole.
Please note that the provided set is expandable. The rod can be extended up to a ceiling height of 3.37m. For ceiling heights between 2.24m to 2.74m no extension is necessary. Extension rods are not available in our shop.

Product details


  • Extremely durable pole-dance bar in chromed stainless steel
  • Rotating or static - easily and safely adjustable
  • Dismountable and transportable in a car
  • Includes tool kit and installation video


  • 1 x dance pole as mounting kit
  • 1 x stand
  • 1 x ceiling flange
  • 1 x tool set
  • 1 x DVD with building instructional video
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Rod diameter: 45mm
  • Diameter ceiling flange: 38.5cm
  • Diameter base: 23cm
  • Packing dimensions: 40 x 110 x 11cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 12kg


  • Variable height adjustment, clamping system
  • Suitable for ceiling heights between 2.24m and 2.74m
  • Stand feet and ceiling contact rings made ​​of silicone for mounting without footprints
  • 45mm diameter - professional standard
  • Suitable for all types of poses and exercises
  • Maximum body weight: about 120kg

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Klarfit Luxor Dance Stripper Pole Rotate / Static 2.74m 45mm Stainless

  • Extremely durable pole-dance bar
  • Rotating or static - easily and safely adjustable
  • Dismountable and transportable in a car
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