VapoAir Humidifier

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Top features
  • automatic humidity regulation and timer
  • 5.5 l water tank with warning lamp for refill alert
  • integrated aroma box for vaporization of scented oil
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VapoAir Air Humidifier Ioniser 350ml/h 5.5lTank Aroma Remote Control

Elegant air Humidifier and Ioniser with aroma dispenser for humidifying, ionising and flavouring the air in office-, living- or bedrooms for up to 40 m².

Smart fucntions: two seperately 360° rotatable steam nozzles, heating mode, intelligent humidity regulation between 30 and 75%, timer function and  3-step adjustable fog release.

Fit for constant operation: efficient power input of 30 W, 5.5 Litre water tank with blue LED light, up to 350 ml/h humidification output, touch operation with digital display and remote control.

Sexy design, smart functions! The Klarstein VapoAir Humidifier doesn't only provide pleasant breathing air, but creates relaxation for all your senses.

The Klarstein VapoAir Ultrasound Humidifier generates ideal humidity conditions for people, animals and furniture. With up to 350 ml/h of very fine mist it humidifies dry air and provides relaxation for the air passages and and a fresh glow for furniture. Two outlets can be used for the mist dispensation and can be rotated 360° independently of one another.Equipped with three selectable mist levels the VapoAir caters to all individual humidification requests. In addition, the desired  air humidity can be set between 30 and 75% in 5% increments and the unit switches to standby automatically when it has been reached. A n optional heating function doesn't only slightly warm up the steam, but causes its finer vaporization and distribution. Thanks to the large water tank  with a volume of 5.5l  the VapoAir works tirelessly over many hours without needing a refill. A ceramic filter that is integrated in the tank purifies and softens the water.

As if that  weren't plenty, the Klarstein VapoAir Humidifier provides a sense of well-being for all senses due to its smart additional functions and its sexy design: An aroma diffuser can be sprinkled with scented oil and release pleasant scents into the air. The optional ionic function, on the other hand, reduces odours such as cigarette smoke and even lingering odours in fabric. In addition, it absorbs fine dust particles in the air an makes them sink. An optional blue LED in the water tank provides  atmospheric lighting and highlights the elegant black housing in obelisque shape. The VapoAir is no unit for dark corners, but a stylish upgrade of any interior decor. The hardly audible operational noise of merely 35 dB promises relaxation for the ears . The operation of the Klarstein VapoAir 2-in1 Humidifier is child's play: all  settings are controlled via a lit touch screen on the fron of the unit or very conveniently with the included remote control.

Refreshing air in every season: With the Klarstein VapoAir Humidifier not only the air passages , but all five sense can relax in equal measure.

Please use the integrated diffuser at the bottom of the unit exclusively for vaporization of scented oil. Aromatic substances that are filled directly into the water tank can damage the unit.

User manual PDF

Product details

Top features:

  • Smart control: automatic humidity regulation and timer for operational control
  • Odour-free air: uo to 350 ml/h ultra fine water mist due to ultrasound technology with optional ioniser for odour reduction
  • Fit for continuous operation: big 5.5 l watertank with warning lamp for refill alert
  • sexy design: elegant, black housing in obelisque shape with touch control and display
  • warm or cold in 360°: heating mode for finer, warm mist with two independently rotatable mist nozzles
  • Pleasant scent: integrated aroma box for vaporization of scented oil
  • Clean mist: integrated ceramic fliter for cleaning and softening the water


  • Child safety: optional  key lock to prevent unwanted operation
  • 3 performance levels for individual steam release
  • two 360° independently rotatable  fog nozzles
  • Sleep timer, programmable in hourly increments up to 12 h
  • external hygrometer for unaffected measurement of currrent room air humidity
  • LED-Display with digital display of current room air humidity
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • removable water tank with bottom filling
  • automatic switch-off at low water level or if water tank has been removed
  • lock to prevent unwanted removal of tank
  • barely audible operational noise of under 35 dB
  • output: 30 w/110 W (without / with ioniser operation)
  • cleaning brush included
  •  For prolonged use we recommend the use of distilled water
  • Conditions for operation: 5 - 40 °C room temperature / < 80 % room humidity
  • power supply remote control: 1 x CR2028 button cell ( included)
  • power supply: 220 - 240 V~| 50/60 Hz

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x air humidifier
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x CR2025 button cell
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • English Instruction manual (other languages: German)


  • Measurements: approx. 20 x 36 x 24 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 2.8 kg

Customer opinions

From 1 Customer
Customer opinions

VapoAir Humidifier

  • automatic humidity regulation and timer
  • 5.5 l water tank with warning lamp for refill alert
  • integrated aroma box for vaporization of scented oil
£ 184.36 £ 79.99
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