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Plant Pots

High-quality plant pots: the right home for your valuable plants

If you would like to create a green oasis in your own home, on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden, planters and flower pots offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to individual design. With their help, you can let your creativity run free and make sure that your flowers and green plants or vegetables get a home where they can feel good and permanently thrive. In our online shop you have the opportunity to buy a wide variety of flower pots and planters, because we offer you a wide selection of high-quality products in great designs.

Choosing the planter that suits your needs

Depending on which plants you want to put in them and where you want to place them, the plant pots you choose should be large enough and made of a suitable material. Because while some materials are fully suitable for outdoor use, others are only designed for indoor use. With us, you can get plant pots, rectangular, square or round, made of different materials, including:

  • Made of fibreglass, for indoor and outdoor use

  • Made of coated sheet steel for outdoor use

  • Made of polystone and fibre stone for outdoors and indoors

  • Made of fleece material, for inside and outside, air and water permeable

For plants that like to climb, such as climbing flowers or vegetables such as cucumbers or tomatoes, a plant box with a trellis is best. This way, you don't have to attach additional climbing aids near the pot, as these are already integrated.

Benefits and uses for planters

No matter where you use them, our planters offer the great advantage that you can use them to transport your indoor and garden plants to exactly where you want them, quickly and effortlessly. It's even easier if you position the containers on a roller board or plant trolley. Plant pots are especially good for plants that need a lot of water, as irrigation water no longer seeps into the ground unused. If you use water-storing substrates, the continuous release of water to the roots of your plants is also guaranteed. Flower pots and planters allow you to put sensitive plants outside in the summer and bring them back inside in the winter. And special plant pots are so large that you can use them to create a complete vegetable bed in the smallest of spaces, for example with a raised bed made of sheet steel.

The right flower pots and tubs for every need

Our range has the right plant boxes and tubs for every requirement, so that you can easily arrange your plants indoors and outdoors and give them the best possible care. Take your time to browse through our offer, then you can easily and securely buy the plant pots you need.


Which planters can withstand frost?

For example, planters made of fibreglass, polystone and coated sheet steel are best suited for outdoor use in winter.

How big does a planter have to be?

That depends on the plant that is to be housed in it. It is therefore best to find out about the space requirements of the respective plant before buying a planter.

Do all plant pots have drainage holes?

Many, but not all, plant pots have drainage holes to prevent waterlogging at the roots. Our item descriptions provide information on whether a product is equipped with a drain.

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