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Frontstage Home Theater Projector Screen 77" HDTV 1.71x96cm 16:9

Motorized HDTV screen from Frontstage. Optimized for LCD, DLP projectors and home installation. Gain factor: 1.0. 195cm (77") diagonal screen size - 1.71 x 96m.
The Screen - Ideal for presentation in HDTV quality
The matte white screen is coated with premium vinyl fiber and is perfectly suited for your home viewing pleasure due to an extremely low gain factor (1.0!).
In contrast to screens made from conventional materials, the coating of this screen is optimized to ensure that the image remains brilliant and clear, so that it won't blur or darken even at an acute angle.
This eliminates the hassle of trying to get the right seat - as friends and family can relax and take their usual seats and enjoy an crisp image with no compromises.

The mounting bracket - easy installation and operation
The sturdy bracket can be easily installed on any wall or ceiling and can be switched off and on with the supplied remote control.
Simply hang it up, extend the screen and lock - it's as uncomplicated as it gets. The ideal solution for small and medium-sized rooms.
Technical Details
  • Fold resistant due to modern fiber vinyl coating
  • Easy to clean - the screen can be washed with a damp cloth
  • Heavy multi-layered fabric cloth
  • Tips and tricks for buying screens
    Which screen is best suited to your needs?
    Two factors are critical - the gain factor and the screen fabric
    The ideal gain factor
    The gain factor measures the reflective behavior of a canvas. The stronger the gain factor, the stronger the light is reflected from the projector and the farther the image is visible.
    However, a high-gain screen has the disadvantage that the image is always darker when viewed from the side. This disadvantage is crucial for home cinema.
    Therefore, for optimum movie enjoyment for a home theater area (about 3-8 meters) applies:
    The smaller the gain factor, the better.
    The image is perfectly visible, and people watching at an angle will enjoy an excellent view from this distance too.
    A gain factor of 1.0 is ideal as even at a value of 1.5 they will have to take a cut in quality.
    Screens with a high gain factor are, however, more suited for presentations in large conference rooms.

    Cloth type
    The waves vary with different types of cloth. Towels with strong wave formations affect the viewing experience and have no place in home cinema.
    Our heavy screens are optimized for the home cinema market and are characterized by their largely wave-free playback.
    Also, you should be sure when buying a canvas that the cloth can be cleaned.
    This is far from certain with all products.
    Our screens are made of easy-care material that can be easily cleaned, thus guaranteeing untarnished viewing pleasure for years.

    Product details


    • extra large 77 "or 195 cm projector screen for high resolution HD projections
    • minimum gain factor (1.0!) for a vivid display
    • retractable electric
    • robust blind-metal housing
    • heavy fabric cloth: 493 g / m²
    • tear-resistant vinyl fiber coating
    • incl. remote control and wall switch


    • 1 x canvas (wall switch integrated)
    • 1 x Remote Control
    • 1 x Wall bracket for remote control
    • 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
    • 2 x Screw for Wall Switch
    • 2 x wall plugs for wall switch
    • German manual (other languages??: English)


    • Dimensions canvas: approx 206 x 115 x 9 (WxHxD)
    • Canvas weight: about 5.7 kg
    • Dimensions remote: 12.5 x 4,5 x 1,5 cm (WxHxD)
    • Weight control (without batteries): 40 g


    • Projection: approx 170 x 96 cm (WxH)
    • black back coating
    • black screen
    • Cable length canvas wall switch: about 90 cm
    • Cable length wall switch plug: 1 m
    • For wall and ceiling mounting suitable (mounting kit not included)
    • Power supply: 240V, 50Hz

    Operating instructions

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    Frontstage Home Theater Projector Screen 77" HDTV 1.71x96cm 16:9

    • 1.71 x 96 cm, 195cm (77") diagonal screen size
    • Format: 16:9
    • Viewing angle: 160°
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