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Electric E-scooter V8 120W 16 km/h Rechargeable Battery

Electric E-scooter V8 120W 16 km/h Rechargeable Battery

Whether you're at a convention, on the way to work, or out on the town, this electric scooter has everything you need to get from A to B without a hitch – easy, comfortable, and stylish. The extra wide footplate and aerodynamic design guarantee you'll get noticed. The easy to use twist and go controls make riding the scooter a breeze, and the sporty design gives you a feel for the handling that conventional scooters just don't offer.

The high quality, durable braking system allows you to stop on a dime, or glide to a graceful halt, depending on the circumstances, and the electric motor is quick and easy to charge. No fumes, no noise, and no visits to petrol station, which means you save money and the environment at the same time!

On top of all that when you get to where you’re going a simple folding mechanism allows you to carry it anywhere it can't be ridden, or simply put it in a cupboard until you're ready to ride again.

Please be aware that this item is for recreational purposes only. It is not intended to be driven on the road. Suitable for weights of up to 80 kg.

Product details


  • Powerful 120 W motor for speeds of up to 16 km/hour
  • Large, non slip foot grip
  • Folds up for quick, easy storage
  • Environmentally friendly and guaranteed to save you money – battery charges via mains power supply
  • Drives for up to 16 km without recharging (depending on weight, terrain, etc)
  • Powerful rechargeable battery, charges within 6-8 hours (depending on how much charge you need)
  • Extremely quiet motor


  • Scooter
  • Battery charger for mains power
  • Assembly kit
  • Instruction manual in: English, French, German, and Italian (for download here)
  • General operating instructions and a compact Trouble-Shooting Guide can be found here


  • Platform: 49 x 17 cm
  • Handlebar height: 90/95 cm
  • Length: 75 cm
  • Handlebar width: 38 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9 kg

Useful tip:
The scooter contains a safety feature that ensures the motor won't start until the scooter is already moving, also making the belt drive last far longer. To start the scooter, stand on the scooter and push off, just as you would a push scooter and then simultaneously pull the accelerator lever.

Download further instructions here.


  • Acceleration and dual brakes on the handle bars
  • Gradual braking system
  • Handle bars height adjustable (2 heights)
  • Secure foot grip
  • Wear resistant hard rubber wheels with sports tread
  • Durable steel body
  • Rear wheel drive via belt
  • Slip resistant handles

Operating instructions

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Electric E-scooter V8 120W 16 km/h Rechargeable Battery

  • Powerful 120W motor - speeds of up to 16 km/hr
  • Folds up quick & easy, Large, non slip foot grip
  • Environmentally friendly & guaranteed to save you money
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