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DURAMAXX Mosquito Ex Deco Insect Killer UV Black Light 13 W

Effective insect killer for pest-free living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or production halls.

Energy saving 13 W UV-A blue light bulb to attract without the use of chemical attractants: no smells or annoying noises

Fast insect removal via to the fan and insect receptacle.

No more pesky pests! It can finally be relaxing again in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, or stairways thanks to DURAMAXX Mosquito Ex Deco UV insect killer being uncompromising when it comes to gnats, mosquitoes, and flies.

In terms of its operation, it is very simple. And energy saving UV fluorescent tub attracts without fail flying insects. Instead of harassing people with their whirring, the flying troublemakers are mesmerized by the light of the lamp. They inevitably fall into the air stream of the built-in fan, which sucks them straight into the insect receptacle and at the same time bringing them to an end. All this occurs completely without noise, chemical attractants, electrical charring, poison sprays or a hunting party with newspapers, slippers, or swats.

With just a 13 W power consumption, the DURAMAXX Mosquito Ex Deco UV insect annihilator is the best suited for continuous operation and thus is the master of all pests. For the easy disposal of the killed insect, there is a removable tray. The device is easily placed in the room you wish to protect; a handle on the top facilitates its transport. 

Fast, silent, and deadly. The DURAMAXX Mosquito Ex Deco UV insect trap puts an end to annoying insects, entirely without the use of toxic chemicals.

Product details


  • Uncomplicated insect killer for catching and killing insects in indoor spaces
  • Attracts via UV light and without chemical attractants or poisons
  • Effective removal by fan air stream with a high vacuum strength
  • Economical 15 W power consumption when in continuous use
  • Large receptacle for mess-free storage of insects


  • 1 x insect killer
  • 1 x user manual in German (other languages: English)


  • Dimensions: approx. 42 x 15 cm (HxØ)
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg


  • On/off switch on the upper part of the housing
  • Light sensor for automatic activation at sundown and deactivation at daybreak
  • Cover for the light sensor for daytime operation
  • Receptacle easily unscrewed for no-hassle emptying
  • 13 W UV-A light tube
  • Built-in fan for generating a trapping air stream
  • Grip at the top for easy transport
  • Housing material: plastic
  • Suitable for use in indoor spaces, restaurants, shops, offices, hospitals, stairways, halls, or factory buildings
  • Power supply:  220-240 V~ / 50-60 Hz

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DURAMAXX Mosquito Ex Deco Insect Killer UV Black Light 13 W

  • Attracts via UV light
  • Removal via fan's air stream 
  • Economical 15 W power consumption 
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