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DURAMAXX MD-063 Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector 4m Search Depth

Metal detector with advanced search calibration and watertight 21.5cm search coil for a search depth of up to 4m. Ideal for fatigue-free use over long periods of time.

The DURAMAXXMD-063 metal detector is the perfect tool for finding a whole range of hidden treasures.

At the heart of the metal detector is a 21.5cm search coil that can locate sites at up to 4m in depth. Thanks to its waterproof design the detector can be also be used on shores and beaches or in the rain.

Advanced calibration technology hides ground effects allowing for greater distinction of what is laying hidden underground.

Anything detected will show up both visually and acoustically - there is also the handy option in connecting you headphones for better concentration.

The DURAMAXX MD-063 can be split into 3 pieces to ensure easy transport and space saving when being stored.

Its light weight, padded armrest and handle ensure comfortable and enjoyable use.

Product details


  • Distinguish between precious and ferrous metals - adjustable discrimination
  • Watertight 21.5cm search coil - suitable for use on beaches etc
  • High search depth - up to 4m with large metal objects
  • Light weight for fatigue-free use over long periods of time
  • Ergonomic handle and padded arm rest for comfortable and effortless use


  • 1 x Metal detector
  • User manual


  • Length: 110 - 128cm
  • Search coil diameter: 21.5cm
  • Weight: 0.95kg
Download user manual here.


  • Visual signal and acoustic signal tone
  • Adjustable sensitivity/discrimination
  • Precious metals mode
  • Automatic filtering out of interference from ground effects - adjustable ground balance
  • Dismantled in three parts (coil, body, handle) - easy transport
  • Search depth: up to 20cm (reference: American quarter)
  • Pin pointing
  • Energy efficient design - suitable for long periods of use
  • 3.5mm jack headphone connection for limiting outside noise
  • Built-in speaker
  • Adjustable bar length
  • Battery level indicator
  • Power supply: 6 x AA/R03/Mignon batteries

Operating instructions

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DURAMAXX MD-063 Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector 4m Search Depth

  • Precious metal search mode
  • Watertight 21.5cm search coil
  • Up to 4m search depth
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