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DMX Lights

DMX lighting (Digital Multiplex) was developed as to operate and control the dimmers in a stage lighting rig and it remains the most efficient way to operate lighting control applications.

Information from a DMX channel is transmitted through a DMX cable from a DMX lighting controller to DMX light.  In order for DMX controlled lighting to operate correctly each DMX function has its own address through which DMX signals are sent. Our range of DMX controlled lighting is intelligent and a must have piece of DJ equipment for any professional or party DJ. Amongst our range of DMX lighting you will find a led moving head as well as strobe lighting and disco lights. A DMX lighting controller is used by a DJ or lighting expert to control a DMY light, strobe lighting or disco lights and will add a touch of class to any event or party which requires DJ equipment. Lighting & FX equipment is not only for parties and clubs searching for strobe lighting or disco balls but also for shop owners who need to display messages in style. For this type of lighting & FX we have LED message boards and display tickers. These LED message boards also work great for nightclubs looking to display messages easily. When purchasing your lighting & FX equipment be sure not to forget your lighting accessories. We have lighting brackets, strobe light stands and all the lighting cables you need to compliment lighting equipment and they will work great with a DMX light. Once you have your disco lights in your shopping cart why not check out a DJ mixer or DJ decks. Every wonder what equipment do i need to be a DJ? Find the answers here at Hifi-Tower!