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DJ Turntables

USB turntables are modern-day gramophones or phonographs (which play vinyl records) equipped with digital capabilities – USB turntables and DJ decks are the greatest thing to happen to DJ-ing this century so it’s a good thing that at Hifi-Tower we stock quality USB Turntables and DJ Decks at unbelievably low prices.

"Turntablism", the act of manipulating a playing record by simple acts like scratching, beat juggling and so on to produce different sound effects, is a classic part of any DJ set and only made possible through the use of quality DJ turntable equipment all of which we have for sale on our DJ equipment shop. Today, many USB turntables manufacturers make use of various innovative technologies and we have all of them available for purchase for you including plug and play decks, beginner, professional and advanced DJ deck systems. USB turntables like Ion USB turntables, USB vinyl turntables and USB vinyl MP3 turntables add effects, style and professionalism to any DJ´s set. Turntables can be divided into 3 classes: belt-driven turntables, direct drive turntables and turntables with high-torque drive – in our online DJ equipment shop for low price DJ equipment we have them all. We have plug and play decks, beginner, professional and advanced deck systems. We have many brands for cheap low cost DJ decks and turntables. No DJ, whether beginners or at the highest professional level is complete without a DJ turntable added to their DJ system setup. Don´t forget to check out the other sections of our online DJ equipment shop for quality DJ mixers, DJ CD decks, DJ Mp3 Players and low cost Laptop DJ Controllers. We also have a range of professional DJ headphones and all the cables and accessories you need to add to your complete DJ system.