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DJ PA System 'DJ-14' PA Amplifier& Speaker Set 500W

With 500W, the 'DJ 14' DJ PA set delivers just the right amount of power for a great sound in events with up to 150 people. The powerful 8" (20cm) bass subwoofers make this set perfect for trade shows, podium discussions, and other small to medium sized events.

500W for events with up to 150 people

The 'DJ 14' DJ PA set featuring the Skytec SPL500 PA amplifier is a clear favourite when it comes to small or medium sized events and parties. The set's 500W output and two 2-way bass reflex speakers with 8" (20cm) subwoofers help you achieve the best sound for weddings, family parties or work events.

The combination of powerful, disco-friendly DJ amplifier and easy-to-transport speakers, as well as cable set for wide range of connections, make this the perfect set up for your party. Unlike many complicated, high-tech professional systems the main motto here is 'plug-in and party'! Thanks to its intuitive operation and separately adjustable channels you can reach your crowd without disturbing those off the dance floor with overproportional output levels.

The LED display allows you to see any clipping and make the necessary volume adjustments. The sturdy metal housing is ideal for rack mounting and integrating into existing DJ set ups. Thanks to the front handles, the amplifier can be easily fitted into a standard 19" (48cm) 2U rack case. The easily transportable 8" (20cm) PA speakers, each weighing just 7.7kg, make this set the perfect solution for events with up to 100 people.

The powerful amplifier and PA speakers work perfectly to give to give your event the great sound it deserves.

The set comes complete with cable set so that you can get going straight away.

We are also happy to put together a DJ PA set tailored to your own specific requirements.

Please note that additional devices are required to connect the microphone (mixer, preamp, laptop etc). The microphone cannot be connected directly to the amplifier.’

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  • 1 x Skytec SPL500 Watt DJ PA Amplifier EQ Hi-Fi Audio Amp
  • 1 x Pair Auna 8" Passive PA Speakers -1000W Max
  • 1 x Speaker Cable 2 x 1.5mm² 10m Transparent / + Kz
  • 1 x Dynamic Multipurpose Microphone DMM-1280
  • 2 x RCA to 3.5mm headphone jack cable - 1.5m Length
  • 1 x 2 Meter Audio RCA Cable 4 Prong 2 x Stereo In/Out
  • 1 x 1 x 3.5mm Jack-to-6.3mm Jack Adapter



  • Perfect for events with up to 100 people
  • Ideal solution for your party
  • Plug-in and go with the set’s great, intuitive design

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of Tom reviewed on 06/09/2013

Contains absolutely everything, all you need is the music and something to play it with! Managed to set it up within minutes and plays everything perfectly, would recommend this to anyone,

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of mick reviewed on 05/09/2013

it looked good but
sounds pretty rough like a old collie dog
made in china it blew up never lasted that long what a shame

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2 of 4 People found this review helpful


of Giles reviewed on 28/06/2013

I bought this as a pa system for a small outdoor fete plus some wireless mikes, mixer and speaker stands. It all arrived very quickly, and my queries were dealt with efficiently. Good service, good price and a great system for the money. Only other comment, speaker wires provided were a bit short for my needs, but that's nitpicking. Needless to say, next time I need some electrical goods, I'll buy from this site.

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7 of 7 People found this review helpful


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of Sam reviewed on 24/01/2013

I bought this system to replace my small logitech speakers and subwoofer. I must say I am very impressed with the quality. For near too £100 its a real bargain... loud enough for personal use and will happily see me through university house parties. Recomend A

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of osian reviewed on 11/09/2012

I think this has been the best system ever

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17 of 20 People found this review helpful


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DJ PA System 'DJ-14' PA Amplifier& Speaker Set 500W

  • Complete DJ PA set
  • 1 x Amplifier, 2 x Speakers, 1 x Cabling
  • 500W / up to 150 people
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