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DJ MP3 Players

Get the DJ MP3 player of your dreams at a price that you can afford, here at We’ve got a great selection of MP3 DJ decks from popular brands such as DJ Tech. Oftentimes the MP3 player is paired with a DJ CD deck at the same time, so the result is a DJ CD MP3 deck.

Our MP3 deck models span the range of both beginner DJ equipment, to professional level MP3 DJ equipment that will satisfy even the most experienced digital DJ. Many of our DJ products come with digital DJ software to get you started, including well known limited edition versions of software like Traktor and Virtual DJ. Our DJ controllers and MP3 players feature live scratch and pitch bend, just as you’d expect from pro-level decks like the ones we sell. A DJ controller should deliver to digital DJ’s all the great features that you’d expect in a digital MP3 DJ mixer. A DJ MP3 player is essential to break into the world of digital DJing. Our MP3 DJ decks are good value for money, with a range of reliable brand names available. An MP3 DJ controller is another name for a DJ MP3 player, and of course it players MP3’s as well. Our decks and consoles are chosen for reliability and features, and are popular with our customer base. Do you need help choosing your new DJ MP3 player? Both our rack mount MP3 players, along with our MP3 DJ decks, have different connections so if you’re unsure of compatibility with your existing equipment, do give us a ring.