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DJ CD Decks

If you have happily moved into the world of digital DJing but miss scratching and mixing your vinyls then you need a DJ CD deck. A DJ CD player will allow you to scratch and mix your CDs in the same way as vinyl. DJ CD decks resemble tiny vinyl deck with a mini job wheel which allows you to stop and scratch your CDs! They also have loop and cue functions which really do make vinyl a thing of the past. Take the Citronic MPCD for example, this is a DJ CD deck with a cue function, seamless looping and monster pitch so you have all the DJ elements you need at your fingertips. The benefits of a DJ CD player are easy to see as they are smart compact pieces of DJ equipment which give you all the functions of a traditional DJ Turntable without the need to carry big and heavy vinyls around with you. Purchasing a DJ CD player really is the way to go! Buy a DJ CD deck from Hifi-Tower and you won’t be disappointed. The great thing about a DJ CD deck is that most DJ CD players or CD players for DJs come with a built-in DJ mixer so you can control everything right from one little unit. We also have dual CD players and controllers with two jog wheels so you really get the full DJ effect from your DJ CD player. Look no further than Hifi-Tower for all your DJ equipment needs.  From DJ mixers to PA amplifiers and disco lights we stock everything you need to really get the party started.