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Car Subwoofer Component Speakers

A top-end component subwoofer speaker gives your car the bass it craves.

When installing a car component speaker, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a professional. Installers and fitters are experienced with wiring a component speaker, and will ensure your car is fitted to last. A good component bass speaker will give your car audio system the foundation it needs to support the midrange and treble frequencies. Your local car audio professional should be able to advise on compatible mid-range speakers and car tweeters so you have a great set. Top end brands like JBL have made name for themselves in hifi speakers as well as car speakers and car subwoofers. Other brands to look out for that include the quality with a more affordable price, is something like Krueger & Matz. As with any shopping experience, it’s best to compare prices in person or on the internet, before committing to buy. You’ll have to decide beforehand what your budget is, then go from there. A car component bass speaker is usually a powerful cone design, to ensure power like 400 watts RMS and higher can be pumped out without distorting the sound. Component bass speakers normally feature sizeable voice coils in order to be able to support the heavy bottom-end sound. If any part of your sound system is worth splurging on, it’s the bass – you literally get the most bang for your buck! A typical range frequency for a car subwoofer is between 20 to 200 Hz in the normal consumer levels. Actually, the first subwoofers were not developed until the 1960s, originally for home stereo system use. Including a subwoofer in a car installation really began to become popular in the 1990s, which is not so long ago! It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the world of sound, and how many affordable choices we have these days.