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Capital Sports Wallba 14 Wall Medicine Ball 14kg Leatherette Brown

Wall Ball with 14kg weight and refreshing colour design.

Suitable for a variety of exercises in the fields of Core Training, Functional Fitness and Cross-Training.

Outer skin made of coloured leatherette with clean, robust seams for optimum handling.

Discover a traditional sports training device with the new Wall Ball Wallba 12 from Capital Sports. For over one hundred years full balls have been used to exercise the body for improved fitness as well as healthy sports. Having fallen for several years into obsoletion, they have, in different variations, enjoyed a newfound popularity as a versatile piece of sports and exercise equipment, especially in the areas of Core Training, Functional Training and Cross-Training.

The Wall Ball from Capital Sports boasts a resilient processed leatherette shell with a clean and robust stitched surface. It doesn't matter what exercises the ball is used for, it is always more than up to the task. Even after countless powerful wall facings its shape will remain stable and its filling will stay safe inside.

With its 14 kilograms of weight, the Wallba 14 is the heaviest of its kind at Capital Sports and it is particularly suitable for perennial warm-up exercises. It can easily be used for exercises  both at home and in professional studios thanks to its small size. For easy identification of the various weight classes, Capital Sports has given each of its Wall Balls its own color, so they are easy to spot in a large pile of balls.

Available sizes/colors: Brown 14kg, 4kg yellow (item 10028391), 6kg orange (item 10028392), 8kg Lilac (Item 10028393), 9kg black (item 10028394), 10kg Dark Blue (item 10028395), 12kg Green (item 10028396)

Product details


  • Robust processed Medicine Ball for Wall Ball Shots
  • Suitable for exercises in Core Training, Functional Training and Cross-Training
  • Classic design of sewn leatherette


  • 1 x Wall Medicine Ball
  • Please note that this product does not come with a manual


  • Diameter: approx. 35 cm
  • Weight: 14 kg


  • Weight: 14kg
  • Extra grip handling with leatherette surface and seams
  • high-quality workmanship for solid form and secured filling
  • Material of shell: Leatherette
  • Colour: Brown

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Capital Sports Wallba 14 Wall Medicine Ball 14kg Leatherette Brown

  • Resilient Medicine Ball for Wall Ball Shots
  • Suitable for Core Training, Functional Training and Cross-Training
  • Robust sewn leatherette
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