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Capital Sports Power Exercise Rope with Hook 12m 3.3cm Hemp

Durable climbing rope for horizontal and vertical Training

Natural hemp fibers for optimum grip

Sturdy steel hooks for secure attachment, for example, to the ceiling as a climbing rope

Whether horizontal or vertical, with the power Rope from  Capital Sports  you can get fully trained. Exercise ropes are a simple yet very versatile fitness equipment, that help bring your entire body into shape fast. Since the exercises are very simple to implement, they are suitable for professionals and beginners alike. The exercise rope is fixed centrally in the usual horizontal way and easily brought into tension. Then both ends are swung rhythmically to get the rope moving in uniform wave movements. After a short time you will feel sweat on the forehead as the power Rope trains the entire body: strength and endurance, upper body, core muscles as well as the legs are moved properly in momentum. Based on the uniformity of the wave movements, each user can judge for themselves if the exercises are performed correctly.

The vast variety of options and swinging techniques guarantee ongoing and varied fitness options. Any garden or town park can now be used as a training area.

The special feature of the Capital Sports Power Ropes are, however, the stable and highly robust steel bracket which can be easily hooked into a ceiling mount. No matter how and where the rope is attached, the robust steel hook provides optimum grip for all exercises. As a result, some entirely new training dimensions available. Use the Power Rope as a climbing rope or lead your swing exercises in a vertical from. The 3.8cm thick rope is made from natural hemp fibers, which guarantee optimum grip - no matter if you decide to climb it, put it into vibrations or use it as a rope for a tug of war. The natural fibers also give the rope an appealing retro look. The holder is bomb-proof bolted to the rope, but can easily be removed with little effort, if you do not want to attach it to the ceiling. Both cable ends are wrapped with shrink tube plastic, which on the one hand serves as a handle and the other hand prevents any fraying of the cable.

The Capital Sports Power Rope is not only suitable for sports equipment, it can also be used as a children's toys in the garden. Be it as a rope swing or as an adventurous way to climb to the tree house.

Available lengths: 9m (Item 10027732), 12m, 15m

Please note that you will still need a suitable bracket for attaching the rope to the ceiling.

Product details


  • Non-slip and durable Exercise rope made of natural hemp fiber
  • Cardio Training, Cross-Training and climbing rope in one
  • Secure ceiling mounting with sturdy steel bracket for hooking
  • Also suitable as a children's toy


  • 1 x Hemp rope with mounted ceiling mount
  • Please note that the item comes with no manual!


  • Packing: 25 x 15 x 70cm (WxHxD)
  • Length: 12m
  • Diameter: 3.8cm
  • Weight: approx. 7.4 kg


  • Rope Length: 12m
  • Rope diameter: 3.8cm
  • Three vant processing
  • Natural hemp material for optimum grip
  • Cable ends covered with plastic shrink tubing
  • Appealing retro look

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Capital Sports Power Exercise Rope with Hook 12m 3.3cm Hemp

  • 12m Exercise rope made of natural hemp fiber
  • Cardio Training, Cross-Training and climbing rope 
  • Secure ceiling mounting with sturdy steel bracket 
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