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Capital Sports Oberbaum Cable Pulley Trainer Gym Station 25 / 50mm Holder

Multifunctional cable pull trainer with two independent towers for upper and lower cable pull.

Individualised adaptability via height-adjustable upper pull and interchangeable handle bar for lower pull.

Weight holder with  adapter suitable both for weight plates with 25 and 50mm opening.


The Oberbaum cable pulley trainer from Capital Sports gets your muscles going. With an upper and lower cable pull, it enables sophisticated and varied functional training, which can be used to address almost all muscle groups. For successful individual training, the Oberbaum pulley trainer may be adjusted to meet your own particular needs. To this end, the handles of the upper cables can be mounted rotated horizontally and may be adjusted in height via a carriage using the other hand. For standing, a total of 17 notches are available at intervals of 10cm. A lower lat pull allows you to switch the drawbar with a simple carabiner connection switch, allowing you to use either a longitudinal or transverse cable. The tie rods and knobs are rubberised so that they stay in your hands even after long training sessions.

The cable pull could be loaded with up to 100 kg of weights and has two receptions for weigths with a 25 or a 50 mm opening. To use the 50mm sleeves, simply plug in the included adapter. For both holders, corresponding weight terminals are available for secure attachment. For caulking, there are stable footrests available in the lower lat pull. A large, centrally-mounted pictogram panel displays numerous exercise possibilities and options for cable-pull training to inspire your workout.

In addition to the various training possibilities, the Oberbaum cable pulley system from Capital Sports has an additional pull-up bar 210cm in height. The curved bars offer different handle lengths and options so that everyone can train according to their personal preferences and objectives. The pull-up grips are pleasantly rubberised for a good grip.

The cable pull station is completely made of steel square tubes, giving it high stability and load capacity. A black powder coating or a shiny chrome coating protects the metal parts against corrosion and scratching, while at the same time holding them properly in place. Thanks to the robust construction, the Oberbaum can be placed completely independently and does not have to be screwed into walls, floors or ceilings. The design with the opening in the front makes it very suitable for installation in the corner of a room.

Please note that the cable pulley station is delivered as an assembly kit. We recommend that you enlist the help of a second person to built the station, and schedule about two hours time. Please also note that the weights shown are only for demonstration and are not included.

Product details


  • Multifunctional cable trainer for functional training with upper and lower lat pull
  • Numerous exercise options for almost all muscle groups: cable cross, curls, rowing, rope-pulling, adduction and abduction, etc.
  • Upper pull handles swivel and adjust in height to individual preferences
  • Includes pull-up bar with varied grip lengths and possibilities


  • 1 x cable pulley station (assembly set)
  • 2 x weight bracket 25mm
  • 2 x weight bracket 50mm
  • 1 x longitudinal tension rod
  • 1 x English assembly manual (other languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish)


  • Dimensions (total): 180 x 210 x 160 cm (WxHxD)
  • Pull-up bar grip width (oblique grips): 95 cm
  • Pull-up bar grip width (horizontal grips): 60 cm
  • Pull-up bar grip width (vertical handles): 30 cm
  • Weight (total): about 102 kg


  • Weight holder includes adapter suitable for use of weights with 25 and 50mm hole
  • Includes weight brackets for both shot lengths
  • Lower lat pulldown with stable footrest
  • 17 hole notches each with 10cm distance from the positioning of the upper pull handles
  • Replaceable drawbar on the lower lat: transverse or longitudinal grip
  • Solid construction made of steel square tube
  • All parts powder-coated or chromed as protection against corrosion and scratching
  • Max. weight capacity: 100 kg
  • Rubberised handles for good grip and comfortable workout

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Capital Sports Oberbaum Cable Pulley Trainer Gym Station 25 / 50mm Holder

  • Cable pulley trainer with upper and lower lat pull
  • Upper pull handles both swivel and adjust in height
  • Includes pull-up bar
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