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Capital Sports Hexbell 5 Pair of Dumbbells 5 kg

A demanding pair of 5 kg dumbbells.

Featuring hexagonal dumbbell heads with a balanced core and a shock-resistant rubber coating.

Also with chrome handles with knurling for a secure grip.

Whether for bodybuilding, Cross-Training, or functional training, there's a weight suited for you with the Hexbell dumbbells from Capital Sports.

The balanced iron cores, which give the dumbbells their weight, rest beneath a durable hard rubber coating. The Hexbell 5 is a 5 kg pair of dumbbells suitable for outside use or in home gyms and professional studios. Their thick plastic coating is impact resistant and protects floors against damage so that you can let the dumbbells fall to the ground without worry. The dumbbells are great for push-up walks, making safe and stable footing possible, thanks to their hexagonal heads.

The 11 cm long chrome handles are firmly connected to the dumbbell heads (weights not exchangeable). Their knurling and slightly conical shape guarantee a good grip, even with sweaty hands. The sturdy combination of plastic and chrome-plated steel makes the Hexbell dumbbells weather and wind resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

The dumbbell rack (item no.: 10028348) from Capital Sports is ideal for storage, especially if you have a larger dumbbell collection.

Available weights: 5 kg, 2.5 kg (item no.: 10028375), 7.5 kg (item no.: 10028377), 10 kg (item no.: 10028378), 12.5 kg (item no.: 10028379), 15 kg (item no.: 10028380), 17.5 kg (item no.: 10028381), 20 kg (item no.: 10028382), 22.5 kg (item no.: 10028383), 25 kg (item no.: 10028384), 27.5 kg (item no.: 10028385), 30 kg (item no.: 10028386)

Product details


  • 5 kg pair of dumbbells suitable for body building, Cross-Training or functional training
  • Thick, shock-resistant rubber coating that protects floors and furniture
  • Chrome handles with knurling for a secure grip


  • 2 x dumbbells
  • Please note that this item does not come with a user manual.


  • Dumbbell length: approx. 27 cm
  • Handle length: 11 cm
  • Diameter (weights): 10.5 cm
  • Handle diameter: 2 - 3 cm (conical)
  • Weight: 5 kg


  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Weight printed on the dumbbells for quick recognition
  • Hexagonal dumbbell heads: provides stability during push-up walks, for example
  • Weights non-exchangeable
  • Can withstand wind and any weather: suitable for outdoor use
  • Colour: black

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Capital Sports Hexbell 5 Pair of Dumbbells 5 kg

  • 5 kg pair of dumbbells
  • Thick, shock-resistant rubber coating
  • Chrome handles with knurling
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