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CAPITAL SPORTS Yoketar Yoke Weight Yoke Sled 50mm Sleeves 2 x J Cup Steel Black

Highly stable yoke with adjustable headbar for professional use in the studio or for training indoors and outdoors.

Individual yoke training - thanks to six 50 mm sleeves, it can beloaded for each power level up to a maximum of 500 kg.

Also usable as a half rack, including two adjustable J-cups, or as a weight sled.

Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done! The CAPITAL SPORTS Yoketar yoke always gives you a reason to keep moving on - whether for power or stamina. The highly stable weight yoke gives you the ability to customise the load according to your training needs. Four vertical and two horizontal sleeves of 24 cm length with a 50 mm intake allow you to load your weight discs. The height-adjustable headbar with a maximum shoulder height of 184 cm allows for athletes of any height to train. In use as a half rack, you can also perform squats with the barbell on the Yoketar using the two adjustable J-cups. For adjusting the headbar and J-cups there are a total of 27 positions at a distance of 5 cm available.

You can also convert the CAPITAL SPORTS Yoketar yoke into a challenging workout using the rest of your power: as a sled, it will take everything you’ve got! With the black powder coating, it is well protected against rust, stains and dirt both indoors and outdoors.

Product details


  • Highly stable weight yoke for various strength and conditioning exercises
  • Four vertical and two horizontal sleeves with 24 cm length for weight plates with 50 mm intake
  • Height adjustable headbar for all body sizes (max shoulder height. 1.84 m)
  • Suitable for use as halfrack including 2 height adjustable J-cups
  • Best gliding properties for use as a weight carriage


  • 1 x yoke (mounting set, weights not included)
  • Mounting manual in English (other languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian)


  • Dimensions: about 172 x 193 x 124 cm (WxHxD)
  • Spacing of the uprights: about 150 cm
  • Weight: about 80 kg


  • 27 height positions for headbar and J-cups
  • Distance of the height positions: each 5 cm
  • Max. weight load: 500 kg
  • Black powder coating to protect against rust, dirt and superficial damage
  • Quick and easy height adjustment of headbar with star closures or four clamp presses

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CAPITAL SPORTS Yoketar Yoke Weight Yoke Sled 50mm Sleeves 2 x J Cup Steel Black

  • Six sleeves with 24 cm length and 50 mm intake
  • Height adjustable headbar for all body sizes
  • Suitable for use as hal frack including 2 height adjustable J-cups
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