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CAPITAL SPORTS Stret PB Cable Pulley Grip Handlebar Steel chrome

Non-slip cable pulley attachement for a better grip and further exercise possibilities with cable pulley stations.

Grips with knurling for a secure grip; coupling pivoted.

Extremely stabile and sturdy: chrome-plated steel grips with two grip possibilities.

Everything is under your control! With the CAPITAL SPORTS Stret PB cable attachment, the cable will always be firmly and safely in your hands. The chrome-plated steel handle with its extra-large  grip options supplements your cable pulley system and allows for a new variety of exercises. The knurling and a grip thickness of 2.5 cm provides you with an extremely secure hold, even with heavy weights. Even with sweaty hands, they are absolutely non-slip.

The best grip is found with the CAPITAL SPORTS Stret PB cable pulley attachment.

Product details


  • Non-slip cable pulley attachment for a firm hold of the cable
  • Chrome handlebar made of steel with tw0 extra-large grip possibilities
  • Knurling on grips for secure grip
  • Non-slip grips


  • 1 x cable pulley grip
  • Delivery without user manual


  • Dimensions: approx. 41 x 28 x 14 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg


  • Supplements cable pulley stations and expands exercise possibilities
  • Grip distance: 40 and 33 cm
  • Material: steel
  • Handle thickness: 2.5 cm
  • Pivoted coupling

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CAPITAL SPORTS Stret PB Cable Pulley Grip Handlebar Steel chrome

  • Chrome handlebar made of steel
  • Extra-large grips
  • Knurling on grips for secure grip
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