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CAPITAL SPORTS Hawser Cable Trainer Black / Blue Steel

Multifunctional cable trainer: a device for training your maximum strength as well as strength endurance training for your entire body.

Joint-gentle training with stretchable rubber cables without weights or annoying noises.

Possible pulling moves from various positions and angles while standing or sitting.

With the Hawser cable trainer from CAPITAL SPORTS you can increase your maximum strength and endurance in almost all parts of the body with just one device. The Hawser is innovative in that it does not require weights for training resistance, but rather uses rubber cables to obtain the necessary traction. Therefore your movements while exercising are softer and rounder. This not only protects your joints against muscle strain, but also does away with the annoying sounds of weights clanging against each other. With just a few simple steps, you can stretch the 6 ropes (3 on each side) in the 4 x 7 positions of the cable trainer and adapt them to your particular exercise needs.

Whether you want to get your legs, arms, abdomen, back or buttocks into shape, the CAPITAL SPORTS Hawser features a number of exercises for each part of the body which may be done either sitting or standing. The cable pulls are easily hooked into the various positions of the top, bottom or side pull in the desired training angle. Made of sturdy steel tube, the CAPITAL SPORTS Hawser cable trainer is highly resilient and has a comfortable leatherette seat, thick padded leg curl and non-slip stand surface to provide the best conditions for your ultimate workout.

Please note that the cable trainer is supplied as an assembly kit. We recommend that you enlist the help of a second person for assembly and schedule about two hours of time.

Product details


  • Multifunctional cable trainer for increasing cardio and muscle strength in the home gym
  • Numerous exercise options for almost all muscle groups, including cable cross, curls, rowing, rope pulls, adduction and abduction
  • Use while standing or sitting with upper, lower or parallel sides pull
  • Joint-gentle workout without weights: training resistance from from tensile rubber ropes
  • Simple conversion by re-clamping of the ropes and reassigning the pull rolls


  • 1 x cable trainer (assembly kit)
  • 2 x foot cuffs
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions (total): about 163 x 211 x 130 cm (WxHxD)
  • Seat height (3 levels): 43 - 52 cm
  • Weight (total): about 70 kg


  • High stability due to tubular steel construction
  • 4 x 7 tenterhooks for setting resistance of the elastics
  • Comfortable seat with leatherette cover
  • Seat and leg curl can be adjusted in 3 steps to match the body size 
  • Seat and curl can be unhooked for standing training
  • Non-slip, knurled footprint
  • Thick padded leg curl machine
  • Easy transport via floor casters
  • Space-saving thanks to all-round use - training for almost every part of the body possible
  • Includes leg / foot cuff with Velcro fastener

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CAPITAL SPORTS Hawser Cable Trainer Black / Blue Steel

  • Numerous exercise options for almost all muscle groups
  • Standing or sitting with upper, lower or side parallel pull
  • Joint-friendly training thanks to stretchable rubber ropes
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