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CAPITAL SPORTS Domic Weight Bench Black Steel

Sturdy weight bench with guide rods for safe weight lifting workouts in the home gym without partners.

Various training opportunities for the entire body thanks to 90 ° adjustable bench and arm and leg curler.

Built-in barbell suitable for weights with intake of 30 or 50 mm, including height-adjustable safety pins.

PUSH YOURSELF! With the Domic weight bench from CAPITAL SPORTS you can perform all barbell exercises alone. With its height-adjustable safety hook and a guided barbell take on the role of your training device as well as your full-fledged gym partner. 7 height notches are available for mounting barbells and safety pins.

But that’s not all: the Domic weight bench from CAPITAL SPORTS offers diverse ways for you to customise your workout to train a large number of muscle groups all over your body. The bench is foldable 90 ° and can be used while sitting or lying down. An arm curler and leg curler provide additional training opportunities, with the leg curler offering two training positions for negative training in the prone position. A sleeve on the leg curler allows you to load it with additional weight. For optimum adaptation, you can remove the curler with a few simple steps.

The extremely stable frame is made of tubular steel, while remaining so light that the CAPITAL SPORTS Domic weight bench may be moved without any additional help. All sleeves have a removable cover, so they are suitable for weights with 30 and 50 mm intake.

Please note that the weight bench is delivered as an assembly kit. We recommend that you enlist the help of a second person for assembly, and schedule about an hour of time. Please also note that the article below comes with an outdated user manual. The latest version may be found at the link below.

Product details


  • Weight bench with guided barbell and height-adjustable safeguards for safe barbell training without a partner
  • 7 height positions for hooking the safety pins and the barbell
  • Varied training opportunities by barbell, leg curler and arm curler
  • Curl with sleeve for additional weight load
  • 90 ° folding bench for exercises while sitting and lying


  • 1 x weight bench (assembly kit)
  • 2 x weight terminals
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions (total): about 184 x 176 x 130 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions seat: about. 31 x 39 cm (WxL)
  • Dimensions backrest: about 33 x 78 cm (WxL)
  • Weight (total): about 58 kg


  • All sleeves with removable cover: suitable for weights with 30 and 50 mm intake
  • Stable tubular steel frame with black powder coating
  • Optimised frame weight: device may be moved without additional help
  • Curler detachable in a few steps for high, individual adjustment of the device
  • Leg curerl also suitable for negative training in the prone position

Operating instructions

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CAPITAL SPORTS Domic Weight Bench Black Steel

  • Guided barbell and height-adjustable safety pins
  • 7 height positions for hooking
  • Training opportunities with barbell, leg curler and arm curler
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