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Blumfeldt Pureview Screen PVC 35m x 19cm 30 Binding Bars Dark Grey

Robust, opaque, and wind-resistant screen material made of 450 g/m² PVC for covering mesh fences.

A 35 m roll with a 19 cm height for individual cutting and customization and 30 binding bars for mounting.

Easy installation without tools: screen is simply woven between the bars of the fence.

No more Peeping Toms! The Blumfeldt Purview screen is a easy and quick solution to annoying drafts and unwanted onlookers. Your privacy will be protected without the burden of installing walls or the care of massive hedges.

The Blumfeldt Purview screen is made out of robust 35 m long PVC foil, which can be cut as needed. Without any tools, the screen is simply woven through the bars of the panels of the fence. At the ends, the 30 supplied binding bards are used to secure the screen in place. With a 19 cm height, the screen is flush with the width of the horizontal rows of the fence, creating a very sleek look. By combining different colors of patters different looks can be achieved, see below for similar products.

The Blumfeldt Purview screen goes beyond just adding comfort and style to the design of your garden; it guarantees that for a long time. The material of the screen, 450 g/m² PVC foil, is not only extremely durable, soft, and flexible, but also UV resistant and crease-resistant. Dirt on the screen can be easily rinsed off with a hose.

Available colors and variations: dark grey 35 m, light grey 35m (article  10029457), green 35 m (article 10029458), dark grey 2x35 m (article  10029459), light grey 2x35 m (article  10029460), green 2x35 m (article  10029461)

Product details


  • Opaque and windproof screen material for lining fences
  • Robust PVC foil: tear-resistant and UV-resistant thanks to its 450 g/m² thickness
  • A full 35 m for individual cutting and customization
  • Simple installation: screen is woven between two bars of a fence, no tools required
  • Secure hold of the screen via 30 binding bars


  • 1 x 35 m roll
  • 30 x binding bars
  • Instruction manual in German (other languages: English)


  • Dimensions: 3500 x 19 cm (LxH)
  • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg


  • Material: PVC
  • PVC thickness: 450 g/m²
  • Extremely tear-resistant through its grid structure
  • Crease-resistant through its soft and flexible material
  • Visual accent via combination with other colors or patterns
  • Easy to clean: dirt is simply washed off with water
  • Color: dark grey (semi-gloss)

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Blumfeldt Pureview Screen PVC 35m x 19cm 30 Binding Bars Dark Grey

  • Opaque and windproof screen made of 450 g/m² thick PVC foil
  • A full 35 m for individual cutting and customization
  • Secure hold via 30 binding bars
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