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Blumfeldt Greencastle 5K Greenhouse 190x195x320cm (WxHxD) Aluminium Polycarbonate

Large greenhouse for growing seedlings and plants that enjoy tropical climes.

Stable plant dwelling with a rectangular base made of lightweight materials and sturdy plastic glass.

With high entrance door, two practical ventilation flaps and a rain gutter.

The growth accelerator for the garden: the Blumfeldt Greencastle greenhouse is an ideal breeding ground for young plants in the spring. Here, seedlings can be reared in optimal growth conditions, even when temperatures outside the greenhouse are still too low. The grown-up seedlings can be transplanted as soon as they are strong enough and the weather conditions permit. Enjoy a sea of flowers or homegrown fruits and vegetables, while your neighbours still only have small plants.

The Blumfeldt Greencastle greenhouse consists of a lightweight aluminium frame, plastic glass and a bottom frame. A high entrance door facilitates access and two lateral ventilation flaps ensure optimum air circulation inside the structure. Thanks to a practical rain gutter, rainwater can be collected in a large barrel and used for plant watering. In summer, when it is hot and the humidity is very high in the greenhouse, tropical plants such as orchids and bromeliads can be grown.

Go green! The Blumfeldt Greencastle greenhouse is the ideal cottage for ambitious amateur gardeners. It creates the ideal conditions for growing seedlings, and thanks to its simple aesthetic, it integrates seamlessly into any garden setting.

Product details


  • Light and stable greenhouse with aluminium frame and plastic glass
  • Easy to walk in thanks to high entrance door
  • Two ventilation flaps ensure optimum air circulation and climate regulation
  • Optimal growth conditions for young plants, vegetables, tropical plants and other crops
  • Protective canopy in difficult weather conditions


  • 1 x green house (mounting kit)
  • Mounting manual in English (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: about 190 x 195 x 320 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 40 kg


  • Large greenhouse with a rectangular base and a pointed roof
  • Lightweight alumnium frame and plastic glass
  • Includes base frame
  • High entrance door
  • Two ventilation flaps for air exchange and air regulation
  • Gutter to collect irrigation water
  • Provides ideal growing conditions (hot, humid)
  • Suitable for the cultivation of flowers seedlings for growing vegetables and tropical plants
  • Protects delicate growing plants from strong sunlight, rain or storm

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Blumfeldt Greencastle 5K Greenhouse 190x195x320cm (WxHxD) Aluminium Polycarbonate

  • Aluminium frame and plastic glass
  • Size: 190 x 195 x 320 cm (WxHxD)
  • Two ventilations flaps for air circulation and climate regulation
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